Some BVs at 40% off in Nordies Fashion Valley, SD

  1. They have a few, I'm not really sure how many cause I just took a quick look :p Unfortunately I only know the name and price of one bag, and remember only three :rolleyes: There was a cream Roma for 1680, a small cream tote and another tote that had some details on the side, that was mauve-ish in color, and the details were a little lighter.

    If any of you are interested, best to give them a call! Sorry I couldn't give any more details, I'm not yet a BV expert:shame:

    Nordstrom Fashion Valley Center
    (619) 295-4441
  2. Thanks for sharing the update Frannita! That's what makes this such a great forum, people are always sharing these great and very helpful sales updates!:tup: