Some BV accessories

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  1. My new BV accessories goodies...

    Intrecciato cufflinks - the silver strips are actually woven. butterfly engraved on each end.


    Pitone cosmetics case - I think it is Poudre python. This is from S/S 07.


    Struzzo chain wallet - Pergamena ostrich with silver chain.


  2. OOOOOO Gorgeous :smile: I love the detail in the cuff links, to intricate :smile:
  3. I'm running out of words to describe all the pieces of your gorgeous collection, N! Love the cufflinks and the python case! Impeccable!
  4. uclaboi, great additions to your amazing collection. love the woven sliver cufflinks, made me bring out the BV catalogues to admire their woven jewelry again. congrats!!
  5. I love love love the cufflinks!!:yahoo:
    Now you've gone and got me started to think that my hubby needs something similar for our anniversary.
    Well, this way I get to borrow it whenever I wear my French cuff shirt:graucho:
    Modelling pics please:yes:
  6. I love everything, especially those cufflinks! congrats!
  7. I just love them all. :heart::heart::heart:. Speechless !
  8. Am loving the pitone cosmetic case.
    Its soooooo chic.
    Congrats !!
  9. Absolutely adore the cufflinks. The DH likes the double sided with chain types.
    I know your python poudre case is gorgeous as I have the satchel. Enjoy your new BV!
  10. Congrats on your new goodies! I adore them all esp the cuff links. :heart: Please visit the BV forum more often! ;)
  11. I wish I could wear those cufflinks! Love your new haul!
  12. Love the cufflinks, we're twins with our poudre python cosmetics.
  13. i LOVE those cufflinks! are they new this season????
  14. Congrats on everything. I love the cosmetic case and I especially love the cuff links. I love that detail, very artisan.
  15. Oooh - beautiful pieces all around. I think DH would really like the cufflinks except for the butterflies engraved on the ends... I think he might balk at that! Do you know if they always have the butterflies?

    And ostrich, wow, I really do love the look of ostrich but have never really contemplated anything in it... how does it wear?