Some Bouncers Need to Get Over Themselves!

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  1. This past Friday was my best friend's 21st birthday. We celebrated by going out to dinner and a popular bar/club/lounge on Saturday. We had about 20 people for dinner and about 40 people going to the bar (a lot of people came late or with dates or unexpected).

    One of my friends over heard the front door bouncer saying to a staff member inside that club that he felt there was something shady going on with the Asians! No real biggie, I mean he probably thought we were all young looking with fakes and its his job to watch out for that kind of stuff. (I'm 22 and everyone thinks I am no older than 18!) But they scanned our IDs at the door so its not likely a person with a fake can get in. I just brushed it off and went on with my night. All I wanted to do was have fun!

    The bar has different different levels and sections and there is a bouncer is each section. The bouncer for our section made us feel very uncomfortable - he followed some of our guy friends around and basically he was stalked us! Anyways, he goes to use the bathroom and it just happens one of my friends was leaving the bathroom. She overhears him telling another bouncer that his section is full of "ch*nks"! :cursing: How rude! And complaining about it! Last time I checked this is your job to stand there and make sure noone gets to out of control regardless of race!

    After that he comes back to our section and is seriuosly started having a power trip! He ended up throwing out a guy who wasn't really with our party - he just showed up with someone uninvited ! I wasn't too mad about that but when my other friend was trying to leave because he felt he ws going to be sick the bouncer made a big deal about it and try to kick him out when he was already trying to leave! :tdown:The bouncer wouldn't let another friend turn around just to get his phone, he was literally 2 feet away from the table! He said to my friend that he had to leave first! Whats the point in that? He was the sick friend, he just wanted to get his belongings! Does being a jerk make you feel all big and tough!? GOSH!

    Pretty sure I am never going back to this bar/club/lounge ever!

    I hope that made sense and thanks for letting me rant!
  2. Wow, what a jerk!! If I were you I'd do this.

    I'd contact the owner immediately and tell them it was your first time coming to this club. That you were celebrating your friend's birthday and wanted to make it special so you went on to (a rating place) which you are an active member of and read the reviews others have posted and decided to give this place a shot. Tell him everything that happened, and tell him how upset and disappointed this is. Tell him none of your friends enjoyed their time there. Complain and ***** all you want.

    It just makes owner/management realize how pissed you are, and I don't know why but my owners of my old job got so freaked when they found out they mistreated a member because they get scared of getting a bad review.

    I'm sorry you had to deal with this.
  3. ^^ I agree.

    I would contact the owner immediately and report that meathead. who does he think he is? The owner should more than happy to help you consider your camp was around 40 people.

    I hope they fire the cad.
  4. I would definitely contact the owner and also write a letter. Someone like that does not need to be working around people. Spread the word about who they hire. He was not rude, he was being racist.
  5. I mean he was rude but his behavior stemmed from something more than being just rude.
  6. Wow... just wow... You would think as a bouncer, his job was to make sure everything was in control and not worry about the skin color of the patrons... what a JERK. Yes, please do what others suggested and keep us updated :smile:
  7. omg, i would have def started *****ing at him. ooooh, i would have been so heated, especially after i heard that comment
  8. :yes: write him a nice letter to explain that you did not realize that the club did not wish to have Asian customers, and that you hope that your faux pas did not cause any inconvenience or problems, you are especially grateful to (Mr Bouncersnamehere), since had it not been for his having been kind and professional enough to apprise you of the situation, despite his obvious distress, you would never have known of the club's policy, and hasten to assure them that you will do all you can to make sure that there is no re-occurrence of the unfortunate circumstance, which you wish to re-emphasize was an honest mistake, and once again (Mr Bouncersnamehere) is due some special commendation, for immediately prior to his deft handling of the situation, you and your companions had decided that (clubnamehere) would be the perfect spot for the upcoming gala to celebrate (insert event/date here) which would have resulted in well over two hundred and fifty guests arriving from Dubai and descending upon the place at once, and in your ignorance, the very letter you are writing to them today would have been initiate plans and to inquire into what deposit would be required, and it would never had occurred to you to mention that almost all in attendance would be Asian!
  9. OMG..definitely write this!!!! with a combination of what oo0ehxtahcee0oo say about being a yelp member.

    wow, I would have been pissed but I would probably do the same thing u did as I wouldn't wanna cause a ruckus. But they would definitely be getting a phone call, a letter, and a bad review for me.
  10. It's NYC. There are tons of clubs and lounges, and even more ppl trying to get in to be seen. The best thing you can do when hitting up a new place is introduce yourself to the bouncer. A little civility goes a looooong way. If you treat the bouncers like they're an invisible annoyance, they're likely to return the sentiment.

    I've been to my fair share of nightspots in the city and only once did I have complaints against the bouncer, which was settled to my satisfaction when I asked the Manager to speak to the bouncer with me.
  11. usually the bouncers are carrying out the orders of management, i don't think writing a letter would solve anything

    just don't go back to that club
  12. wow, that was so rude of him!!! I would be so upset too!! Had you been to this bar before??
  13. I am inclined to agree with you, although it is possible that the management might not be aware of that particular employee's beliefs, nor his chosen method of expression of them while at work.

    The idea behind writing any letter, or communicating with the owner in any way, is not about solving anything, just to give the injured party a chance to vent if she wants it, and possibly make the owner aware of the employee's behavior, just in case there is some variance with the owner's wishes.

    Most people, especially most "older," over-25 people would do nothing except choose a different club next time, the real argument for making the owner aware of it, would be to err on the side of caution, especially when the business is a nightclub, which frequently means situations involving young people and alcohol, some of whom might react with less considered calm, so if I knew that there was that added potential for someone being harmed, I would go ahead and mention it, just in the interest of fairness, in case the owner really didn't know.

    I would definitely not advise anyone to make a second visit to a club or any other business after something like that, and I would consider going to such a place actually dangerous for some!
  14. I thought this was going to be a rant about not getting into a club because of a bouncer's arrogant attitude.... I would be able contribute to that with SEVERAL stories! Sometimes bouncers get on unbelievable powertrips! I'm so sorry you had to experience that!
  15. holy crap! how racist and just... wrong!
    i kinda agree with guccimamma, i don't think much will get solved so it's better to just avoid that place alltogether.