Some bling for my bags ;-)

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  1. I originally bought this for my mini shopper, but I think it's too much for it, but I like it for bigger bags.

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  2. Awww! Lovely! I bet your bags LOVE you for this :P! It adds a little somethin-somethin.
  3. Awesome, love the look it adds!
  4. I use this charm bracelet for my bags too! One reason is when I first bought this weeks ago at the outlet, I wore it one weekend, and the gold rubbed off. I exchanged it for a new one, and I decided not to risk wearing it again, but it makes a GREAT bag charm!!
  5. I love your bag bling. Very nice.
  6. Very cute way to dress up your bags! Enjoy!
  7. I love that! Super cute!!
  8. I think it gives it just the right touch:tup:
  9. That is such a good idea and so unique! Makes your bag stand out in a crowd. :smile:
  10. you ladies are so smart with coach accessories! i would've never thought to do that, but i think the bracelet looks better on the bags than it would on a wrist because of the size of it. it is PERFECT on both bags! :smile:

  11. I agree! Love it!
  12. I got that last year for 198$,,,kinda $$$ for Bag Bling,,,,but gorgeous
  13. It is so freaking cute!!! Congrats!!
  14. Not only the size, but it is heavy as heck!! I love it and I only paid $50 at the outlet for it last summer so I don't have a problem using it as a bag charm but I don't know if I'd feel the same about it if I had paid $200- yikes!
  15. Love it on either!!! Nothin wrong with a lil' bling!!!