Some basic questions about LV handbags

  1. I just found this wonderful website since I bought my fiance her first LV (she always use Burberry, Coach, and Dior). I becomes very much interested in the LV bags after spending sometimes with a SA in a LV boutique. The experience was great (like shopping for a luxury watch for myself except now it is a handbag :smile: I actually quite enjoy it and now trying to find the Panda key chain for my fiance to use on her new bag. After so much reading, I have few basic questions about LV bags in general.

    1) I read that some ppl use Wilson leather product to protect vachette (spelling???) leather to prevent it from rain spots. What is the exact name of the product and where can I buy one (is it the same brand as the Wilson Leather stores that became quite popular now in many US Mall?)

    2) How does one spray the Wilson on the bag? Only on the leather part or on the coated canvas too?

    3) Does the vachette refer to the light leather color (usually use on the handle of LV handbags)?


  2. oooh.. it's great that u care so much for ur fiance :love:
    i don't have answers on question1 or 2 , but yes vachetta is the light leather color usually on the handle and trim line, the material on the lv logo is canvas coated, not leather :P
    hope this helps n welcome to this forum mocc
  3. Welcome to the PF!
    1 ~ It is called "Leather & Suede Protector".

    2 ~ Yes, you should try to spray just on the untreated leather portions to protect from rain, snow, spills, grease, etc. If it gets on the coated canvas, just wipe it off. It will not hurt the canvas as it is coated.

    3 ~ Vachetta refers to the natural, untreated leather used on a lot of LV bags. It will darken with time as it is exposed to sun, oil in your hands, etc.

    Here is a link for the Wilson's product:

    There is another product line called Apple. They have a rain protectant, similar to Wilson's, and a conditioner. Some people use Wilson's, some use Apple; it's all personal preference.

    Here is a link to their rain repellant:

    A would of caution ~ with any of the sprays you might use ~ ALWAYS USE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. There have been reports of people developing serious respiratory problems when using these aerosolized leather protectants.
  4. Its so sweet of you to 'research' on LV for your fiance. Welcome to the purse forum.
  5. Hello Mocc,

    The panda key holder can be purchased through 1866Vuitton. customer service would be able to locate one for you. even though they are limited edition and the supply is running low they can locate one for you. it should be about $150.00 before tax and shipping ($10 to $30)
  6. Thanks everyone. I will stop by at a Wilson store tomorrow and see if they have one in the store :smile: I will try calling LV and see if they can locate me a panda key holder as well. My fiance seem to be very pleased with the bag I bought for her. I'm happy as long as she is happy :smile:

  7. I have one more question regarding the Wilson leather protection. Will it darken the vachette? My fiance like to have the vachette in the original light color.

    I read that many ppl like it to develop patina to have it darken but apparently she like the contrast between the monogram color and the light vachette color.

  8. It will darken with time. You can be careful and avoid it getting dirty along with the patina, but you can't really avoid the patina. Try to always keep it in the dust bag when not in use, keep it out of the sun, etc. That will help.
  9. Thanks. I finally got the Wilson Leather Protector. It does not make the vachette darker :smile: I applied the wilson to the vachette parts probably three times (waited about 15min after applying each coat before the next coat). Works great. Thanks.