Some Balenciaga will be on sale at Nordstrom

  1. ...beginning the day after Thanksgiving. (This is Arden Fair in Sacramento, CA.)

    My SA, Claudette (lovely woman BTW), showed me what will be marked down. Forgive me as I do not know the names of all the collections. All the quilted bags and accessories will be on sale. The anthracite and ivory peices with GH will be on sale as will be the smooth leather bags that have two or three different colors. I believe it will be up to 40 percent off.

    Chloe and Marc Jacobs will also be on sale as will most of Dolce and Gabbana collection.

  2. whaaaat?! my Nordies doesn't carry balenciaga... although the one on Market street might.

    Thanks for the heads up - I'd love to own those colors but doubt I'd make it up to Sacramento in time :sad:
  3. So much for your BAN!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. ^ HAH I know! I'd drag my mom along with me though.. ;)

    I really should hold out until 2008... and look for an ink something to buy in the new year!
  5. Not that I'm enabling but...

    You can call and reserve the item. They cannot hold it but the morning it goes on sale, they will charge your credit card. And you could have it sent to you--I believe shipping is free.

  6. Just talked to designer specialist Kelly..
    there is no anthracite color left..none of day style is on sale..
    They have flat messenger in white (ivory)
    quilted bag (regular size) ivory,french blue
    GGH hobo cobalt, ivory
    some wallet and travler clutch (sorry I did not ask for the colors..)
    pretty good deal..40%
    and it is not free shipping they charge $8.95 (DHL)
    If you have Nordstrom fashion reward card you get free shipping..:smile:
  7. Thanks for the inside scoop! I sooo wish the Nordstroms around my area carried bbags. But if they're having a sale (40% is fab!!), I wonder if other bbag carrying stores will be having sales too? Seems like they're moving out the 07 stuff to make room for the 08?
  8. I jumped on it right in time and got the last Anthracite! My SA always waives shipping. Her name is Barbara, if you use her I"m sure she'd waive the shipping.
  9. Barbara is a really nice SA. I'm glad you scored!
  10. What style was the Anthra in ?
  11. do post if you hear of any additional info!! (esp. the city :smile:
  12. do they ship international?!
  13. Oh man, when you guys have these sales i really wish i lived in the states :sad:
  14. I guess that was a no :sad:
  15. me too:crybaby: