some balenciaga advice for a newbie..

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  1. hi,
    i'm usually on the mulberry forum but have decided to branch out to balenciaga..i tried on the city and loved the style of the bag with the classic have decided to get a city for my birthday this week.

    i really love the bright rich gorgeous green '09 u think its too bright?.i also love the 2 new grey shades and the purple shade...

    i wanted some opinions about which colour to go green '09 colour or the galet grey or raisin purple colour? is there a risk of the bright colours fading? is the balenciaga leather quite durable or do u have to baby your bags?

    my existing bag collection..has aqua mabel, grey patent bayswater, oak tooled bayswater, choco brown roxanne, black jody, red chloe saskia and red miu miu bow satchel.

    i wear a lot of black/greys/browns so i usually rely on my bags to provide a pop of colour. which bag do u think will fit in best with my collection?
  2. Prommier is the way to go!

    I see you have grey/black/red/browns so Green should be next! :graucho:
  3. I LOVE this season's Raisin and I am not a purple person. I vote Raisin! Good Luck!
  4. I think a pommier would be great. It seems like green is catching your eye. A nice bright Balenciaga green doesn't come around too often.

    Unfortunately, I don't find Bal leather durable at all. It scratches and scuffs easily. I have to baby my bags.
  5. I'd prefer Raisin, but if inside, you love Pommier more, go for it. ;)

    I don't really baby my bags. I put on LMB's For Handle Only and Silk Serum on the handles once right after I got them and that's it. I do treat bags before use if I got them pre-loved just to make sure I'll have a ready-to-be-used condition.

    I think the leather's ok. Unless you're going to put a very hard time on it, it's holding up good. There's a lot of fading issue though. I think all shades do change their colors over time. That's the only think I don't like about Bal. Still, I love them.
  6. i would get pommier as you said you would like get a POP from your bag!

    for the fading issue, i do agree that most bbags fade...only on different degree with use & UV...that's why i always spray them with protector before use!
    you can get lots of info from the maintenance section on how to protect and maintain your bbag. good luck!