Some bags that I really like right now...

  1. For some reason, I am really drawn to bags in primary colors...

    Hogan (from Bergdorf's)...they have it in blue too, but not accompanying picture:

    Bottega Veneta

    Goldenbleu (Shopbop)

    Jana Feifer (Belle Gray)
  2. I have the Hogan (two of them, actually) in the fringe. Great bags! Its a great shape that fits so nicely on your shoulder but isn't too hold to hold in your hand.
  3. I loooove the Hogan.. but not liking the colour.. if they come out with a different colour iw ould def. buy it
  4. I like the goldenblue...I'm partial to orangey colors.
  5. I really love the bright green BV.
  6. I looove the shape on the BV, and the colour is stunning !
  7. Oh wow that BV is utterly gorgeous!!
  8. They have a nearly identical Hogan in cream with blue trim... it's gorgeous!
  9. I love the red one!
  10. [​IMG]:heart: its on ebay - i think its over 300 dollars but like:love: :jammin: 20 bucks on ebay