Some bags never go on sale?

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  1. I have noticed that lunas and scuolas NEVER go on sale @ macys or bloomys. I mean like when they are already 1 or 2 seasons old. for example; when inferno and paradiso whent 25% @ macys lunas and scuolas did not. In fact piratas were already out for 2 months and that same luna never went on sale. Have you guys noticed that too?
  2. the macys around my house never have tokidoki backpacks or the huge luggage bags o_o;
  3. it might only be me but i never see any mamma mias at my macy's or bloomingdales it makes me sad :sad:
  4. No tokis in my immediate vicinity ever go on sale because no one sells them. :crybaby:
  5. I bought my paradiso scuola on sale but that was back when teh first big inferno/paradiso wave was just starting when Macy's had that 25% + 40% going on for a few weeks... Then I found an inferno scuola that I resold that was on sale but it had a hold tag still on it... It was like supposed to be on hold about a week or two before I got it and I think they just put it out so I was lucky on that one since it was probably lost in a drawer... oh and I found a citta luna that my mom got me that was a return to a Macy's...

    It helps when you have tons of malls around you so you get random returns and selections... also sale selections were waaaaaaaaay better several months ago when I started collecting seriously around feb-april for some reason... after that sales dwindled on tokidoki and I think they're getting harder to find some even at retail at times (possibly because of those sales turned a lot of people onto tokidoki?)
  6. i saw famiglia and pirata luna on sale for 25% plus 15% at Montebello macys. Sale ends on the 18th though.
  7. You guys are lucky to find tokidoki at your department stores at all! our dept stores are soooooo incredibly lame and boring, and they would NEVER have something as interesting as tokidoki :< i found my foresta scuola at Winnners in Vancouver :> (i think the last time i bought something at a dept store was like 6 years ago!!! bah!!!)
  8. Ours don't carry them either. Although, our Lunas - some make it to the outlet and get discounted. Well, I know I at least saw a few OP Lunas a few months ago anyway..probably gone by now haha.
  9. I can only purchase the bags at DFS, and knowing them, they'll have only a 10% off sale for 3 days in December only!
  10. You are right? At least where I live the scuolas and lunas are always the first bags to go- so you have to get them early- but i have noticed even when people return them- they do usuallu go beyond 20-25% on sale.:smile: