Some bad news from home...

  1. Hi everyone -

    Well, I'm not sure where to post this, but I feel like I need some good wishes...

    My mother called me at work this morning with some really bad news. The first was about my aunt's mother - she passed away on Friday. We have very few family here in the States (most are in Taiwan and China), and she was one of the few living here. Her husband passed away earlier this year (unexpected). She was struggling with Alzheimer's and in her moments of clarity, had a difficult time with his passing.

    The second set of news is that my grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is set to have surgery on Friday and my mother really wants to fly back to Taiwan to be with him, but has to wait for her passport (she just filed a rush on it two weeks ago). I'm really distraught by the news - he's the grandparent that I'm closest to and has always been so healthy. Even when we immigrated to the States when I was 4 (I'm now 27), we would always talk on the phone (he's one of the few relatives back in Taiwan that speaks English). I'm really hoping that he will pull through.

    Thanks for letting me "vent"'s been hard staying focused at work right now.
  2. Sorry to hear that sweetie. Alzheimers is such a difficult disease (what isn't, I know), but hopefully she is at peace and with her husband now.

    Your grandfather will be in my thoughts. Lots of hugs to you both.
  3. oh SuLi! I'm so sorry to hear of all your bad news:cry:
    {{{big hugs}}}
    your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. Sorry to hear! -Hugs-
  5. I'm so sorry to hear. You and your family will be in my thoughts. Hang in there!

    Will they let her go file her passport in person? They do special things for emergencies:

    Also, on 19th St. NW there's the regional passport agency that might be able to help if she's near DC.
  6. Thanks for the tip. She's actually in NJ. I know that she filed for a new passport about two weeks ago, and placed a rush on it...before knowing about the situation with my grandfather. She said that one of her friends received hers (with rush service) in three weeks. So, she is hoping that she will get the passport soon; otherwise, I'll forward your link to her.

    Thanks for the well-wishes everyone.
  7. I'm sorry about the bad news! -hugs- if there is anything we can do we're always here to lend an ear! :smile:
  8. I'm so sorry, SuLi. Alzheimer's is a terrible affliction, and often the relatives suffer from watching their loved one deteriorate. It's still hard to lose family, no matter from what.

    Best wishes to your grandfather--that must be really hard for you since you're close.
  9. Hey Su Li,

    I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on. It's really painful and rough to deal with 2 passings and your grandfather's medical situation in a short period of time.

    I'm really close to my grandparents too and they're so far away and getting on in age and i really worry about them and feel really torn about being away. I was really upset and stressed when I was in a similiar position so i feel your angst and pain. My grandfather had a serious medical situation a couple of years ago. Thankfully he recovered but back then I was ready to quit and go spend time with him.

    I hope ur mom gets her passport soon. Can way she can call the processing unit and speak to a manager there to explain the situation to expedite things?

    DO you think u might be able to take some time off to go visit your grandfather? If not, just call him regularly, i'm sure hearing your voice will cheer him up in itself.

    Hey you should also post a seperate thread on the Health and fitness section, some tpfers can share their experiences with cancer whether it's first person or seeing someone close go through it. If he detected it early there's a very good chance he'll be ok with the advanced treatments these days.

    I'm sending you lots of hugs, good wishes and :heart: and sending good vibes to your family.

    we're all here for you :flowers:
  10. I'm very sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through! My grandfather died from Alzheimer's and now my grandmother has it too! I really feel for you! You're in my thoughts and I'm sending you lots of well wishes especially for your grandfather to get better!!!
  11. Oh no Suli! I'm so sorry to hear about your family. Your grandfather sounds like a fighter hon...My thoughts are w/ you and your family.
  12. Aw Suli-my prayers are with you!
  13. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in your time of need.
  14. Suli,

    So sorry to hear that, it must be hard..

    Will keep you in my thoughts.
  15. i'm sorry to hear about your grandfather and aunt's mom. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...and hope that your grandfather will pull through... **hugs**