Some B-Bag questions needing answers!!

  1. Thanks in advance for any help, as I know absolutely nothing about b-bags and I have a question.... I found today at a second-hand store here in HK a gorgeous "shopper tote" (probably wrong name) in a fabulous olive green color. The condition is like new and it was @ $600. I am trying to figure out if this is a good deal??? I love the is perfect for everyday for me, and it is just so squishy and scrumptious!!!! Is the price good????
  2. A new, authentic Shopping lists for US$1195 -- a fake is worth zero.

    If you're new to looking for Balenciaga bags, check out this page at, and then look at the Color Swatches By Season page, and then the pages on telling real from fake. The color has to match the season of manufacture, and all of this is listed on the tags...

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  3. It is definitely not a fake...this store sells only authentic second-hand then the $600 seems to be a very good deal!!! Thanks for the tip on looking up the color, I am off to do that right now!
  4. if its the Shopper, maybe they sell it cheaper in HK coz its not as famous as the City ?

    My brother told me that the City costs HKD9000++ in Milan Station.

    Its better if you post a picture
  5. So...I bought it, and love it!! It still has all of its tags! I will photo it on Monday when I get to work...I have to say that I apparently have been missing out...because it is one GORGEOUS bag!
    Prisma...I think you are right that it is not as popular a style here, because it doesn't have a top closure, and everyone here is worried about pickpockets.
  6. please post pics! congrats!
  7. yay! congrats post some pics soon!
  8. Congrats! Sounds like you got a great deal!!
  9. Congratulations!! You got a great deal!!
  10. I am so excited, and feel a little bit cheesy, as it is parked on my bedside table so that I can admire its fabulousness whenever I want too!! I can't believe how much that I like it....
  11. Congrats on your Shopper! Do post pics as soon as you can. I'd love to see your Bbag. Great price on it, plus, as far as I know they've discontinued that particular style...
  12. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your pics!:smile:
  13. :yes: I've done the same many a time! Congrats, can't wait for the pix!
  14. You really scored a GREAT deal on that bag!!! Congrats to you.:yahoo:
  15. 600US sounds like a great deal on a Shopper! Can't wait to see pics!