Some auctions leave me baffled

  1. When I come across an auction that is obviously for a fake LV, I just shake my head and move on, but sometimes I see one where I just don't understand how an expensive bag could end up in such poor condition.

    I've seen a couple of bucket bags, only a few years old, with the linings replaced. Why would that be? Here is one that says the leather has not even gotten its patina yet though the lining is in horrible condition. What would cause this? The date code looks like maybe 98, but how could it not have developed a patina in nearly 10 years.

    These auctions leave me scratching my head. Just curious if any of you find these too? :confused1: Any odd issues on other auctions that send up red flags in your head?
  2. Ok, this doesn't exactly address your question, and it's not about handbags, but I just have to mention this because these are the oddest auctions I've seen yet, and I don't get it!! I was on the hunt for a certain pair of adidas sandals for the gym, and I ran accross this seller who has 9 pairs of completely worn, disgusting, dirty shoes for sale! For $9.99 a piece plus $10 shipping! For sandals that look like they have horse you-know-what stuck to the bottom! :hs: Is there some sort of weird dirty shoe fetish out there that I'm not aware of?? Seriously, you guys have to check this out, it really made laugh, and then wonder, and then shake my head, and then laugh again... (the last listing is for the sandals with the horse poo...) I swear, where do people some up with this stuff??
  3. Ewwwwww! And someone bid on the grotesque Converse All Stars!!!!!!

    This is exactly what I'm talking about, Bellafleur. Odd auctions with things that are just not right, don't add up, or are simply gross (in this case) just leave me shaking my head.
  4. I know, I saw someone was bidding on the All-Stars. What in the world could they possibly want them for?? Maybe this girl is doing a sociology project to see if anyone buys her gross worn shoes. Maybe it's for a Dateline special:smile: You never know, those grilled cheese sandwiches with Jesus' face toasted onto the bread always sell for thousands! People will buy anything!! :p
  5. Shew! I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole!:tdown:
  6. gross!
  8. Believe it or not some people DO have a shoe fetish. If these turn your stomach, don't do an old sock search! YUK! :throwup:

  9. oh god. I wish I didn't click on the link.
  10. gross and wierd!!
  11. The thing about eBay is that there seems to be a market for the weirdest things - battered, used, filthy, broken - they all seem to make at least one person happy. I am clueless as to why though.