Some Assistance, Por Favor.......

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  1. :whistle::whistle:
    can anyone about 5'6" or 5'7" post a photo of themselves carrying their 28cm Retourne Kelly for me please?
    i need a memory refresher so i can..... hmmm..... be aided in a few decisions i'm making...:sweatdrop:
  2. I wish I could....

    I can tell you're on a new case Detective H
  3. hehe i wish! [sort of]. is it evil of me to find mystery wierdos kind of amusing? :ninja:

    onto the bag- last time i tried on a 28cm Kelly bag was many months ago and i'm currently interested in another 28cm but need a frame of reference to remember how it looked on me [i remember i liked it but don't remember if i felt it was too small or not]. i was looking through the reference thread but don't see modeling pictures.
  4. You're welcome Croissant.

    And it's plenty roomy inside too. I love love love my 28 retourne Kelly. And I can't recommend it enough to anyone considering one.
  5. thank you for enabling :graucho:. you guys are the only ones [other than the demons in my head:devil:] that i can count on for shopping support!! :yes:
  6. I also disenable sometimes..... LOL.
  7. Wow, wongnumber!!! The only pic I've seen of wong and I love it!!! MORE PLEASE!!!:yes: :yes: Sorry for hijacking your thread, Croissant!:shame:
  8. Wong, you look fantastic. I second the 28 retourne; I'm 5' 3" but trod around in 3 inchers or higher. I'm used to big bags and thought there was no way I could pull off a 28cm, but I love mine to pieces. The retourne in 28cm also holds quite a bit.
  9. Wong - you're hot, baby!
  10. no problem, moviegirl. you can ogle wong all you want. :graucho:

    thanks, orchids! its good to know it's not too tiny and precious, kwim? i want it to make a statement but i dont excpect it to be as big as my 35cm of course.
  11. I'm 5'6, with about 3-4' heels on all the time..the 28cm is perfect!! I feel that the 32cm is too big, but I like smaller evidenced by my mini :smile:
  12. Grands..i've been meaning to ask you if the leather heart charm you have is something Hermes is currently selling and if so what is its name (officially? if there is one) and price? i've been wanting a charm and yours is my leather favourite. (with eiffel tower possibly beating you by a nose because hey, what can beat Paris? )
  13. ladystara, is the size VERY dainty and precious or is it not too big, not too small, juuuust right like goldielocks? :smile: