Some Amazing Goodies from the SF Store

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  1. Hi Everyone:
    How are you? I recently acquired a new baby and wanted to share . She's blue and simply divine! :heart: SF got a new shipment in recently and they gave me a call about this gorgeous bag. As a few of you ladies know I said I am holding out for a 35cm, but she looked so cute and gorgeous I just couldnt resist her even though she's a 30cm. Due to her sharp coloring though, I think the 30cm is actually a very cute and partical size. My little Canary also got a treat this time when we visited the store:smile:.
    med canary with birkin.jpg blue jean birkin open front.jpg med pocket square.jpg
  2. oh btw I forgot her specs in the earlier post: 30cm Blue Jean Clemence Palladium Harward...... she's so soft its heavenly
  3. congrats!! love the bag and the puppy!!
  4. Congrats!!! I covet your bag and the scarf too! And your puppy is sooo adorable!
  5. gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!!!
  6. Congrats!! I thought that was the store that never got much in - lucky score!!
  7. Wow, isn't that the store with nothing? And this is your second score. Lucky gal!!
  8. What a lovely blue. Congrats!
  9. lovely haul!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. I love bj. It's beautiful.
  12. what a lovely shade, thanks for sharing!
  13. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  14. thanks everyone :smile: I love the blue jean color and I swear it was my lucky day...they just happened to have the small size dog collar for Canary in blue jean too! she tried it on and the coloring look so cute on her since shes white and the blue really pops out (btw haha shes already 2 yrs not really a puppy anymore). I wouldnt recommend getting a puppy an expensive collar since when they are puppies they like to chew on things when they are teething.
  15. Love the Blue Jean Color and the doggie is a nice match.
    Congrats on wear it in good health:heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.