Some advice please???

  1. Some of you guys might remember that I posted a Large green rivet veneta that I bought off eBay a couple of months ago. Anyways I loved the bag and it was the exact colour and size I was looking for, the only problem was it had been used and the lining was pretty dirty and there was some light wear on the corners. When I got her I had my BV SA send her to Italy to see if the lining could be changed and the corners repaired. I got a call from my SA that they had quoted 750 euros for the repair as they would have to break the rivets and replace them for the lining......... My question is do you think this charge is too excessive. I paid this amount for the actual bag....:confused1:
  2. I think that the charge is really high. If this is a HG bag, I would go ahead with the repair. Otherwise I would sell the bag and put the funds towards a new BV :flowers: Perhaps you can ask if the fee can be lowered? :s

    I posted a few months the purple knot croc clutch I got from Although you cannot see it in the pics and I did not want to spoil the thread's happy mood, the clutch was damaged (leather was pulling away from edge of clutch resulting in a crack). Since I loved the clutch so much I brought her to NYC BV for a repair quote. I was :sweatdrop: because I thought the repair fee would be high but BV were such sweethearts and repaired it for a very small fee. They had to open the clutch up and pull the leather towards the edge to cover the crack.

    Hope that helps your dilemma!
  3. Gosh, Syma, that's over $1000!!! You are the one to decide, but it would be a deal-breaker for me.

    Good point from Mystiletto--is this one of your dream bags? If it is, it may be worth it to you. Good luck with your deciding!
  4. That definitely sounds expensive although probably not unreasonable considering the labor involved and at a luxury-item price. There are other bag restoration options but then it wouldn't be a BV-quality/sanctioned repair. If you absolutely cannot (or don't want to) pay that amount you might consider simply cleaning the lining yourself or through a cobbler then living with the results or resell the bag and find something that isn't impossible to live with.

    I feel for you Syma - I've had the same disappointments and decisions to make over used bags. I was pleased with the results of cleaning suede linings with Appleguard, but I never had to try it on a BV.
  5. I don't think I could pay that much personally, but I can understand the labor involved in repairing that specific bag due to the rivets. I would be tempted to try cleaning the lining myself but would have to be okay with the potential risk of ruining the lining if I did it wrong. Such a crummy dilemma to be in, knowing it's a bag that meets your size and color desires. See if the price is negotiable at all, it's worth a try!
  6. Personally, that's kinda steep.

    I think I would try to find other dry cleaning options locally first, and only send for the BV cleaning if all other methods fail :shame: Assuming that I really really want to keep this bag...
  7. ITA with you guys, even the BV SA thought it was really steep and told me not to go ahead with it. She told me to use a suede brush to improve the suede lining. It is not so much the inside of the bag that is bothering me but I really wanted the corners to be repaired. So I have asked if BV can do that for a lower fee and then I can sort out the inside myself..... I'll keep you posted on what they say they've already had he bag for 6 weeks.

    I was originally told that the maximum they charge for a new suede lining is $400, but the SA told me that because they would have to break the rivets, replace the braiding around the bag for the corners the charge is that much higher. I really loved the goatskin leather on the bag it was so yummy, I guess I could just use it as my chuck around BV, if the repairs are too high. I really can't bring myself to sell it right now.

    Thanks for all your advice ladies, at least we are all agreed that the price is really steep for a repair.
  8. Um....that's quite high for a repair job, almost good enough to buy another brand new BV item. The rivet bags pop up on eBay from time to time. syma, you might want to hold on to it first and sell it when you find another good replacement rivet bag. I totally feel for you.
  9. Syma-sorry but i disagree. although it is a very expensive repair; it would make the bag perfect-like new. i love the rivet bag. it is spectacular and goat is my favorite. it is so durable and beautiful. the color is great in pictures i can only imagine how beautiful it is irl. and when you replace the lining i would assume you could change the material or color if you want. that could be great-really personalize the bag.
    i think the bag is unique and bv makes the best quality and the lining and corners should be perfect if you are comfortable with the expense.
  10. Ohh annie9999 you have really got me thinking.....let me see what the SA says about just doing the corners,they may say no, because when I spoke to her initially she said they may have to go through the lining to repair the corners! ITA with you the goatskin is my fave of all the BV leathers it has such a thick smooshy feel to it and I do really love the rivet bag. I know it does pop up on eBay from time to time but there are so many fakes around and because it is from 2005 it is hard to find this colour in a new condition.
  11. annie9999 has a really good point about being able to change the lining color and material. If you really love the bag and the color this may be one to splurge on for repairs; at least you know it would be perfect!
  12. I think the fee is little high but like what annie9999 says, it's worth it if you really love the bag and cant part with it. Good luck and do keep us posted.
  13. Thank you guys, I'm still waiting to hear some more from the production department. My DH thinks I'm mad because he said the bag looks better roughed up, but I feel bad for leaving such a beautiful bag this way, I think it deserves at least a little TLC. BTW I emailed a handbag repair specialist and nearly :throwup: at their suggestion....

    "Unfortunately we do not clean linings on handbags, we specialise in repairing only so we would not be able to help you with that. As for the corners, it may be possible to either pull in the corners slightly to repair (depending on the contraction of the bag) or perhaps make leather 'cup' corners to go over the worn corners."

    Leather cup corners?????? WTF:yucky::yucky:
  14. and no. I know they meant well with their suggestions, but both ideas would totally change the look of the bag and I cannot imagine either fix blending in seamlessly with the rest of the bag. I think anyone can repair a leather bag, but only the original craftsmen could repair it to its original glory with the attention to detail that YOU are looking for.
  15. Syma, i keep on thinking about what i would do in your situation but i think what I need is a picture to make a judgement. if you dont mind, could you post a picture of the bag?