Some advice please for this newbie

  1. So I have some stuff I want to sell on Ebay and currently have a personal Paypal account (have never sold on EBay before, just bought). I have been reading about avoiding scamming buyers and such (very scary BTW). What is my best option re payments? I personally stay away from any auction that excludes Paypal since it offers lots of protection to me as a buyer. But from a seller's point of view . . . Any ideas?

    I should probably say that I am not intending to open an Ebay store or anything like that. I just have a load of nice handbags, some jewelry etc to sell.
    I guess there is a tutorial or something for first-time sellers for Ebay but I want to make sure I don't get scammed. I would be livid:cursing: if a dishonest buyer got both my merchandise and their money back!
  2. I would be extra careful. I personally would only sell to US buyers since you are not covered by Paypal for out of country buyers. You need to only ship to confirmed addresses ONLY! I'm not an ebay expert but am one of the people that has sold on ebay and been a victum of a scam by a buyer outside the US.
  3. Lushbaby, for every opinion about how to do something on ebay, another seller will have a different or opposite opinion, so it can get confusing sometimes. For me, opening up to international sales was one of the best things I ever did. That now accounts for 35-40% of my ebay revenue, and I've never been ripped off, either by a US buyer or one overseas.

    Having said that, I think it's good to start with US sales only and get used to it. I accept personal checks, money orders (preferably US postal service) and Paypal. No cashier's checks because they are easily counterfeited these days and a real problem. With checks and money orders, I don't ship until the check/m.o. has cleared.

    Every seller has to find the right balance between feeling secure and not being so restrictive that they can't make any money. That takes time. One thing I highly recommend is that when you're next on eBay, go to the community section, find the community group called "Help Newbies Oldies," and join it. The members are wonderful and just love to help out new eBayers. In that group, no question is stupid and good advice is given freely.

    Good luck to you!
  4. Thanks SilverLotus! By the way, do you drive one? A Lotus, I mean!