Some advice on a purchase please--possibly 1st LV bag


Which item should I buy?

  1. MC Wallet

  2. Illovo MM

  3. Pochette Croissant

  4. Damier Speedy 25

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  1. Ok, I am looking to make a purchase soon and I would love your advice. I'm new to LV and these are the items I am interested in:
    Pochette Porte Monnaie NM$585.00
    Pochette Croissant$590.00
    Damier Canvas Speedy 25$595.00
    Illovo MM$660.00
    I don't currently own any LV handbags and I don't have a preference over handheld or shoulder. I was thinking about the wallet because it will match all my handbags(I love how a lot of the bbag gals have one MC wallet to match all the different colors!). Thanks so much!:flowers:
  2. Damier Speedy 25!:love:
  3. I voted for the Damier speedy. I think for your first LV you should get a bag that you can show off to the world, instead of a wallet that will be hidden for much of its life :yes:
  4. Damier Speedy 25!
    You can't go wrong with a speedy as your first LV, they are such a must have for any fan, and something that will forever be timeless and classic!
  5. I also vote for the damier speedy! Its fab!
  6. I like the Croissant. It's different.
  7. i would go with mc wallet Porte tresor...
    i think it can be used for years, unlike bigger bags where you can exchange from time to time fast.
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions, ladies! You are all so helpful! :flowers: Please keep them coming--I really appreciate it!:heart:
  9. I voted for the Speedy. I just got my Speedy and I am in love with it. :upsidedown: And the Damier is great! Worry-free and so classic. I love your other chioces as well so it was tough but I just love the Speedy. :flowers:
  10. i'd say the Damier Speedy 25, only because i don't like anything else that you put up, and i have it :P
  11. Another one here for the Damier Speedy!
  12. Damier Speedy, but it's the 30 not the 25. 25 won't hold much.
  13. Damier Speedy for sure.
  14. Speedy!
  15. def damier speedy 25!!!