some advice from the stylish & experienced hermes owners. HERBAG?

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  3. Oh, congratulations! You finally got a kelly!! Almost looks like kitty is carrying it in by the handle :smile:
  4. Squeals! Can hardly wait!
  5. thank you! It covers most of my requirements nicely actually. I havent used the kelly yet. Its vintage and I think it will make a nice 'winter coat' bag. I use the KP all the time now as a clutch, and the herbag is kind of a very casual kelly:smile: I don't use it in the summer though as I don't like black bags when its hot.
  6. I see that you put the long Herbag strap at the ends instead of on either side of the short you find it hard to swivel the straps that way? I have mine on the ends, but it's rather "tight" if you know what I mean...
  7. Hmm... How do you get the straps of the herbag at the ends instead of on the short handles? And why do you prefer it that way? Tia!
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    thank you ladies. There are modelling shots of the herbag earlier on - they show how the strap was attached. I like wearing it casually messenger style. The kelly looks more formal and is very vintage anyway - so will be kept for special handheld kelly events.:smile: thats one very happy kitty here...
  9. congrats on your lovely new kelly! is she 28 cm?
  10. yes - she is a 28- from 1959! so she is a darling old girl. I will post some modelling shots when it gets cooler here. (here is London so it wont be long) I got her as a heavyweight 'winter coat' bag.
  11. And...Can i ask? If you are in the mall or traveling and often get things in and out from the bag, is it a hassle to get things in and out "fastly" while actually closing it with the circle thingy and sliding in the belts?? Sorry im really curious because im planning to purchase this for my wife
  12. Yes, it is a very fussy bag to open and close. I ended up selling mine because of that.
  13. Yup.. Agree with mistikat.. I sold mine for the same reason.. I like the look of the bag but it is such a hassle getting in and out..

  14. well, I try to remember to use a bag for its designated purpose.(ie birkins away from evening gowns!) The herbag is virtually pick pocket proof so great for some days - not so great for easy access to things all day. I use it to carry my yoga kit to work as I walk there, being canvas is lightweight and I only need to access it once. Also i use it for serious shopping-for example at Hermes or Chanel - when we pay we go to a special room and sit down - so I can open it and close it at leisure. I practically never go to malls to shop as I am English and not really used to them. Also used for when I go grocery shopping - but again I get everything delivered from Marks & Spencer's so there is no Q of angry shoppers behind me while I fiddle with the straps. I haven't used the kelly yet so I cannot say - but it seems very similar. The pochette I use as a clutch and if I need easy access I leave it open. When I go on public transport (which I do on a regular basis - taking the bus is very easy in London) I don't take the herbag - I favour vintage chanel crossbody and a reissue 224 hands free - easy access.
    The herbag works really well for me actually, ( it was an expensive purchase and thoroughly researched. ;)) but it would not necessarily work for everyone.