Some advice for ppl shopping at LV overseas

  1. Especially France. First go through the entire catalog and write down a comprehensive wish list. Then, for every item you wrote on your wish list, find the current prices in the US and add your local sales tax. Now when you go overseas and go into LV you can easily figure out how much money you are saving. In Paris, it is close to 30% difference. You can find out many of the French prices in advance by going to the French LV website as it lists the current prices unlike the USA website.

    Having this info handy means when your DH or SO gripes "do you have to buy that?" you can point out how much money you are saving.

    I did this before a trip to Paris and I was able to quote US prices to my DH and he was much happier buying me 2 Lvs since he was saving $$$. Another time in Stockholm I was going to buy the new Rosewood vernis when I saw the just released Neo cabby MM in blue denim. I didn't know what the US price was, but I was pretty sure it was going to be cheaper in Stockholm, even with the lousy exchange rate. Well, I was right and I saved my DH close to $400.

    The one thing I didn't do was go to my local boutique to check out my wish list since I thought it would be rude of me to waste a local SA's time (and maybe keep her from a paying customer) and then say "well, thanks, I'm going to buy it in Paris now." So my list was pretty long but my SA at the Mothership was patient and some bags got immediately disqualified with just one IRL glance.

    Hopes this info is helpful.
  2. I'm going to Paris very soon I just made a short list of bags I'm interested in found out the UK price and then the euro price and converted it the difference (if I bought them all) was over £300 (nearly $700) the plane tickest to Paris only cost £200 and would have been even cheaper if I'd booked earlier
  3. Thanks for the advice! :tup:

    I love this part best..:

  4. Yes, frankie, that logic has gotten me a few LVs in the past:whistle:
  5. Oooh great info! I wont be in France but plan to hit LVs in Italy, Greece, and Turkey in the next few months:smile:
  6. When one of my SAs found out that I was going to Europe (back in Fall/2005), he actually recommended that I make out a wish list or photo copy the pages of the LV catalog items that I was interested in so that I could do some price comparisons in Europe. He even helped me out further by providing the US prices on the items that I was interesed in. Too bad that I forgot to to ask about the US shoe prices though.
  7. Great advice, thanks so much!
  8. That is great advice!!! Glad you got what you wanted and at a "discount"!! It was like getting LV on sale!!! (Of course, the hotel/air fair negates the "discount" but at least you had also a great vacation and lots of memories and some nice souvenirs!)
  9. Thanks so much for the info!!! This is definitely knowledge I can use & benefit by. :yes:
  10. so nice to hear all of this helpful info ~ thanks.

    We just finished up a week's vacation and on the plane ride home DH actually said this: "We should plan a trip to France". I about fell over. Of course I"m thinking LV Paris. I still have no idea what his interest in France is yet, but the itinerary will definitely include Paris. Now I have some homework to do. ;)
  11. I didn't realize that LV was so much cheaper there! Thanks!
  12. omg..I am sooo doing this when I go to Europe. thanks for the tip!
  13. Great advice, thanks for all the helpful tips!
  14. Thanks for the tip. Really useful!
  15. I heard that their sales tax (Paris) 18-19%. Does anyone knows exactly what it is?