some a$$hat stole my bearn *cries* from my stroller!

  1. i haven't posted on this board in awhile but only you guys could understand my orange Bearn was in my purse, in the bottom basket of my stroller at the mall ...and someone must've reached in and snatched it ...they went on a shopping spree with all my credit cards not to mention they have my driver's license, my kids' pictures, my business cards so they know where i work....

    i feel so violated...but most of all, i miss my bearn...i bet they don't even realize the value of the wallet since H is not really mainstream like LV or gucci...i bet they just took my credit cards and threw out the wallet...if not, it might pop up on eBay or something...

    just wanted to share my loss with everyone bc i know you guys can feel my pain **Sobs***
  2. OOOOHHHHH, so
  3. OMG! Sweetie! I'm so sorry ((((((HUGS!)))))) Have you called your bank and everything, gotten a stop put on all the cards?

    Do you have homeowner's insurance? It might cover your bearn...
  4. oops...

    so sorry!!!! It's a horrible feeling. I hope you feel better soon..... maybe you can get yourself another wallet soon??
  5. yes i've called my bank and credit cards and put a stop on everything but they still were able to charge up thousands of dollars before that...

    I asked DH about our homeowner's insurance and we do have that but he said we don't have property coverage so I don't think that'll work :sad:

  6. Oh no!! That's terrible! I am so sorry to hear that... People are so evil!! :cursing:

    I hope you get everything straightened out soon and without hassle!

    Wishing you the best! :flowers:
  7. That's just awful.
    But: if they don't go further than the shopping spree, then be thankful. It's only money. Identity theft would be much much much worse. Sorry to hear about your Bearn too but again - it's only money.
    ((((HUGS))))) to you!!!
  8. OMG!! That is just awful. I had a handbag (not H mercifully) , it wasnt too expensive, but I had to cancel all my cards. And I just missed all the bits and pieces that were in it!!! Silly little things really, but I hated the thought of someone rifling through them.
    Hugs to you :heart:
  9. Oh, that's just awful, sending you lots of hugs.
  10. wow. i am soo so soo sorry!!! how terrible!!! it's can always get another bearn! just make sure you and your family are safe!
  11. How awful XB. Big (((Hugs))). I know the sense of violation is the worst and missing your Bearn is up there next but as PBC said before me at least you and your family are safe. I'm so sorry.
  12. Sending you lots of virtual love and hugs...
  13. What a horrible thing to happen to you, I'm so sorry. I had a bag stolen many years ago and it still upsets me, it takes a long time to get over.
  14. AWWWW!!! ((((HUGS)))) I am sooo sorry! Having anything stolen is a sad and stressful situation in itself, but to have something of special value and sentiment i.e. bearn, kids' pictures etc is sooo much worse! Pls. take the necessary precautions to safeguard your family, workplace and your identity!
  15. I am so sorry to hear that. My friend got her black plume stolen from the mall also. She bought a new one. I hope you will get your new one soon. Hugs...