Some 07 Linen & Giant HW Bags

  1. I don't know how to post the big, please be patient to just click on the pic link below to see the bigger pics....

    Currently Available at Balenciaga Singapore
    1) Vermillion & Linen
    2) Marine Work - Giant
    3) Vermillion Brief - Giant
    4) Marine Work & Vermillion City
    5) True Green & Linen
    (You can look for Noreen, she's the best!)

    Also available at Balenciaga Paris but no pics as of this time...
    1) Naturel & Linen - major drooool material
    2) Truffe & Linen
    (both are in city style)
    (Kevin and Manuela are super helpful)

    The quality of the linen is very good (kind of stiff, so it makes the bag looks more structured) but ofcourse, it's linen so it needs extra TLC.
    vermillion-linen.JPG marine-giant-work.JPG vermillion-giant-brief.JPG marine work-vermillion city -giant.JPG true green-linen.JPG
  2. Thanks for the pics!! It's interesting to see the leather/linen combos!
  3. Beautiful photos, m1gr31n!, thanks for sharing! The vermilion against the linen looks lovely.
  4. Isn't that teh French Blue?? Thanks for posting pics:smile:
  5. Thanks for the pics! I've never seen linen bags in these colors before, it is very cool! I like the leather ones better, but these ones are nice too.
  6. Is it me or does the GH on the linen bags look smaller?
  7. I think that green/linen city has regular hardware?
  8. hm interesting...but I will pass on the linen....I am too messy! I bet the naturale and linen IS TDF!!!
  9. Thanks for the pictures...those bags all look :drool: .
  10. thanks for posting.

    They look like cute toy bags
  11. WOW! I LOVE the linen! I bet its gorgeous with black or CAFE! Thats its! Linen and Cafe!

    Thanks for posting! Wonder when we will get them here?
  12. wow i love the linen bbags thanks for posting :smile:
  13. Thanks for the gorgeous pics :love:

    Isn't that the French Blue though? I'm getting confused with the blues this might even be cobalt but looks to bright and light for marine :shrugs:
  14. great pics m1g! they sure don't carry these fun colors at NM Denver, so these are a real treat for me!:love:
  15. The linen is nice, but why linen? It's hard to clean and wrinkles like crazy. That's just my opinion, of course, but it seems impractical.