Solved the mystery of the Red Gustto

  1. Why does it say Deere Calhoun by the Brand category? I really like the bag though. Does it go on your shoulder comfortably and is it lightweight?
  2. No idea why it says Deere Calhoun, maybe an eBay issue. The bag is light, but it doesn't go over the shoulder that comfortably. I usually load up my bags, so I gain a few inches in clearance, but I can't imagine that it will work over a coat.
  3. The seller of my Blue Baca told me she saw this bag a while ago and couldn't find it anywhere. She never knew the name of it and called Gustto. After she described it, they told her the name & said it was a discontinued style and that there weren't many produced.

    Soon after we completed our eBay deal, she found one on ebay & bought it.

    It reminds me of a large Baca for the shoulder. Is it made of the same leather as the Baca or the other Gustto bags (Setela, Perlina, etc)?
  4. My red one is the same leather as the Baca. Which is exactly the reason I bought it. I went to the sample sale to get a cream Baca, but the ones they had were in terrible shape and I discovered that the Baca shape doesn't really work for me. And then I spotted this bag in the same gorgeous leather, but in red. It's a little smaller than I usually wear, but it has been serving me well.
  5. Hi! I recently bought a Gustto Rosina bag on ebay. It is brown and was slightly used. I paid $235. Do you remember what you paid for yours? Shelley