solved my BATWING issue

  1. I solved my batwing issue after hours of playing with my bag. I am attaching pics for anyone else having the same issue. In Short, I threaded the clochette thru the straps and lopping it thru itself with the lock.
    IMG_3050.jpg IMG_3051.jpg
  2. WOW!!!!!!

  3. I like it! It looks cool but will your clochette stretch out?
  4. what did it look like before?
  5. I do think this will wear out the clochette.
    Have you tried just buckling the straps with the flap tucked in or just buckling one strap?
  6. what do you guys mean by batwings?
  7. Great idea, candace. I like how your pochette covers the device. Since it's covered by the pochette, you could also use another piece of leather (other than the clochette), or a piece of brown Hermes ribbon.
  8. I tried the borwn ribbon but it just did not look right. As for the clochette, there is not any pressue on it. It is not pulled tight were it is straining it is just holding it together. I will try to get some pics of the batwing problem before.
    I have tried just latching the straps with the lock with the flap tucked it but it made it diffcult to open.
    This seems to be the answer for my bag. It is holding the straps closer together with no real strain and eliminating the batwings (the sides poking out)
    Just wanted to share
  9. Very clever. Did you try it with a twilly? pochette?
  10. candace, is your bag box or swift? I'm in love with it :heart: !!!
  11. Hooray! I am glad you found a cure!

    No batwings for me yet but I hope I am just lucky.
  12. candace, your orange birkin is in swift, isn't it? What size is it? 30cm or 35cm? And can you oblige with a picture of your birkin fully loaded to show how it looks without you securing the straps together? TIA!
  13. Oh, I love your orange bag with the blue twilly. Great color combo I never thought of before!
  14. Swift :heart:! Thank you mrssparkles for posting, it's such a gorgeous bag.