Solution to Problems with Elise Drooping??

  1. Hey all,

    My friend has a PW Metallic Elise and she's saying she doesn't like it that much anymore because the material at the top of the bag in between the handles droop. Sounds like it's due to the weight of the handles. This happens when the bag is sitting on its own. Has anyone else noticed or experienced this same problem? If so, are there any quick fixes or remedies? I would hate for her to not enjoy this MJ bag because of this :sad: I'm not exactly sure which way it droops cuz she lives 400 miles away so I havent seen this and she is too busy to send me a pic. Is there any hope for the PW metallic Elise?? :s ...fingers crossed...
  2. i don't know if there's anything that can be done. it sounds like she's loading that bag with heavy stuff. i have this problem with my mix quilted tote. it used to really bother me until i decided i love the bag more than i hated the drooping handles. it's odd though because the elise is so small, i can't imagine it being stuffed with so much that the handles would do that. maybe mine is still new, but i don't have that problem with my elise. my advice is for her to carry less stuff in it i guess. :shrugs:
  3. yea, I dunno what it looks like cuz she said she'd show me the next time I visit in April. I am pretty sure she keeps her bag stuffed with tissue when in storage. I know the LV speedy's have that plastic shaper thing available to them to prevent the BOTTOM of their bags from drooping but it seems almost impossible to figure out a solution for the TOP of the Elise.. :shrugs:

    anyone else have experience in this arena? :confused1: