Solution for the Sag!

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  1. Using a 3liter bottle (cut up to fit) inside the Speedy to hold its shape

    But, I was at Safeway (a store in the States here) and picking up a ton of water bottles when I spotted one of those mid-size bottles that are made for the frequent-WCers (like me) haha but...if you cut it in half and cut the top part of it off, wouldn't it fit right in like a perfect mold into the Speedy? so not only will it protect your Speedy's insides from being stained by pens or makeup or some such but it's highly durable and cheap and also...will hold the shape perfectly.


    arrowhead 3 liter anyone? :yahoo:
  2. im confused?
  3. I personally wouldn't put that in my Speedy.
  4. I mean, take the mid-size 3 liter bottle that Arrowhead sells, cut it in half and cut the spout part off, and then somehow get it inside the speedy so that it conforms to the shape of the Speedy's insides and you've got something to keep your bag from sagging..
  5. I'd just use something flat like a magazine or one of the shapers that people sell on eBay
  6. i put an opened up DVD case on the bottom of mine, and it hold the shape perfectly (thanks to whoever suggested that before :tup: )
  7. I just use a magazine at the bottom..... it holds the shape well. :smile:
  8. I think a plastic cd cover or a magazine would work better. I would be worried the edges of that would do something to the inside of the bag.
  9. do they fit a speedy 25 or just a 30?
  10. well i guess it won't work then haha

    But, anyway...the open cd case sounds good
  11. Try the reference section for lots of threads about sagging.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.