Solution For Reissue!!!

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  1. Ohhh finally i can post good news, remember guys about the bottom part of the reissue that always curved and seems like its dropping down? Ok i found the solution, i use an acrylic to put inside, here are the pictures to show what i mean (the last pic is to show u how does it look like before).
    i had a bad experience cutting this acrylic by myself hiks because the dimension is so different between the inside and outside, i tried 6 times cutting it but still it wont fit, and i gave up, i finally buy it from my friend because her father has the machine to cut this and its only $10 and its perfect *if only i knew* hiks...but now i am soo happy my reissues problem has solved heueheueh =)
    if anybody wants this, just pm me n i'll give u her contact. thx ladies.

    ow and i am eternally grateful to you, someone that posted about this last time, cant remember who but thx u so much for sharing ur idea.
    IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0770.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0774.JPG untitled.JPG
  2. Are those edges rounded? Can't tell by the pic. I'd be careful with the edges of the plexiglass, I am thinking the corners could poke holes thru the leather at the corners.

    For me I just get a good strong piece of cardboard wrapped in felt material, works like a charm ;)
  3. yupe its rounded =) i am so scared of getting scratches inside the bag haha =) i used cardbox too after i read one of the post using acrylic, then there is no way turning back haha =)
  4. I would rather do the cardboard route instead.
  5. I actually do the same thing for my luxury bowler, to keep the shape more when I'm carrying it. But mine is a soft plastic, and I keep the edges very rounded to prevent damage to the bag.
  6. Thanks for the solution. sometimes, i perfer it curved and it could be another style of wearing CHANEL.