Sologne vs. Meninmontant - Straps!!

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  1. I'm looking for the perfect bag to take on trips to carry my camera. It has to be a small cross body bag, just big enough for the camera (mirrorless Fuji) and a few small items. AND it must have a strap long enough to accommodate my almost 6 foot frame.

    Can anyone tell me the length of the straps on the Sologne and on the Menilmontant PM? Thanks so much
  2. if your avrage hight and weight it would reach till your waist
    how about the odeon or the bloomsbury?
  3. The only problem with the odeon and Bloomsbury (both of which I love) is that they are deep bags. I want to be able to easily reach the camera, not dig for it. Thanks for your idea though
  4. Hi I just purchased the Sologne in mono and absolutely love it. I am 5'10 and the bag falls justbright at my hip with the strap on the third ring. It can hold my ZO, ZCW and eyeglass case. Perhaps your camera may fit but with a smaller wallet. I will add pics; hope this helps.
  5. I just purchased the Sologne and love it. I'm 5'10" and the bag falls at my hip when wearing it cross body and I can shorten the strap when I want to wear it as a shoulder bag too. I can fit my ZO, ZCW and eyeglass case so perhaps your camerea may fit as well but with a smaller wallet. Here are some pics; hope this helps. Good luck.

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  6. Great design … I like that it has a shoulder guard …wish they produced this in leather…sad that some of the older designs are forgotten.
  7. I totally agree. The craftsmanship seems to have been forgotten. Such a shame.
  8. Have you tried to look at the Hoxton? It has the pm and gm sizes plus its in Damier Ebene so no worrying about getting virgin vachetta dirty :smile:
  9. I also have the Sologne and I absolutely love it! :hbeat:

    It is so functional and the cross body strap is such an advantage if you are out because you don't have to carry it.

    I only wish that it actually fit my sunglasses case! However, if I really need them I will just leave it in the car and wear the glasses on my head lol. :sunnies
  10. Gm bombed. The Sologne is a workhorse and such a beautifully made bag. I get so many compliments and not many people have it! :smile:
  11. Thanks so much. Your pics and info are very, very helpful. I'm really leaning toward this bag, and will probably get it before my summer travel starts
  12. You're welcome pursesilly, I like to help anyway I can. Good luck with your purchase and safe summer travels!