Solitaire diamond stud: 0.90-0.99ct available at Tiffany shops?

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  1. Hello all,
    after long consideration I decided to purchase a pair of diamond studs (solitaire) from Tiffany. In order not to pay more only for the brand name, I had a look at many other brand- & non-brand shops, but unfortunately I could not find one which is really satisfactory. Solitaire earrings are not unique piece however it was so hard for me to find one which exactly meets my delicate wishes.
    I wish to buy a carat weight between 0.90-0.99 (total). I have tried 1ct, it was beautiful but I prefer slightly smaller size. 0.8ct was but too small ;) so I really want between 0.90-0.99 ct. This is not only because of size but also for price...much saving than buying 1ct! At one non-Tiffany shop I could have option to have 0.90ct. It was very nice size however I did not like their platinum setting.
    I believe this ct range (0.90-0.99) is non-standard and can differ from store and store at Tiffany and also the timing of purchase...right? Does anyone have experience to buy this carat weight of studs? If not available, is it possible to order at the store?

    thank you for your advice!
  2. Absolutely you can get those and pretty much any size you want. You need to have a sales person who will look through the inventory in your region.

    For example my sales person and I took over a year to find the pair I wanted. Initially I was just looking at pricing but around the 6 month mark I was sure I would buy these for my wife. My sales person searched very often for me and we shipped in many sizes and colors.

    If you are in the US I can send my sales persons info to you. Good luck!
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  3. Thank you very much for your kind advice! By the way I have read your thread with great interest and it was indeed helpful for me. I am in Europe and have to go to another city to visit a store...may I ask you if you know perhaps the price range of this carat weight (nearly 1 ct) with platinum setting? (I guess around 10K?) and have you ever seen Tiffany offers an option for white gold setting?
  4. It varies because of color/clarity. I would say for Tiffany 1 ct studs you are looking at around $10k per side if 1 cut each.

    These are only in platinum as far as I know.
  5. Thank you so much again!
  6. I planned on getting a pair of classic Tiffany studs too in the size range like yours. I know Tiffany only have them in platinum. Anyway I recently tried on the soleste studs with single halo and I’ve decided to focus on getting the soleste studs once I have saved up for them instead of getting the regular studs. The soleste studs are set lower and you could barely see the halo from a few feet away and they sparkle more than the classic studs. The best part is they are cheaper than the classi studs. I would like to suggest that you try on the soleste studs too.
  7. Thank you very much for your advice! Yes I have also thought the soleste model is pretty! (though I had interest mainly in the necklace only so far).
    There are two different types in Soleste line: one looking like a sunflower (1st pic below; I have been interested in its necklace) and 2nd one looks somehow different (here you find two different sizes). Which one did you mean?
  8. The second one and that’s the size I tried on and that’s the size I plan to get. These earrings have the look of a 1 tcw studs.
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  9. Hi, I realize this thread is older but have a question regarding the Soleste collection. Does anyone know whether the earrings -- in particular the rubellite ones -- are hallmarked, "Thailand?" Saw a pair for sale on Fashionphile and the posts are stamped Thailand! I know T&Co. has a factory in Thailand for some of its colored gemstomes, but I've never seen their products hallmarked that way. Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. I don't have those earrings, but I do have a pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace with a "Thailand" hallmark. HTH
  11. Sorry I am not seen Tiffany pieces with the Thailand hallmark and I own a number of Tiffany platinum pieces. I think fashionphile has a return policy so if you end up getting them, bring the earrings to Tiffany for a complimentary cleaning as they would not clean item which are not theirs.
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  12. Please let us know how it goes!
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  13. Thank you so much for your help!
  14. Thank you!
  15. Thanks so much! May I ask, does your heart necklace also have any T&Co. or 18k/750 or PT/950 markings? The earrings (based on the few pics) didn't have anything other than "Thailand" and the blue velvet box, which would seem to make it very difficult to authenticate unless the stones are laser inscribed and you do a scratch/chemical test for metal purity. I get that Tiffany manufactures some products overseas to lower its costs, but wouldn't they want their brand marked on them as well? Also seems it would be much easier to "fake" these items that lack Tiffany hallmarks, IMHO.