Solid Tokidoki bags

  1. Do many here have the solid Tokidoki bags? Do you use them more than the printed ones? I was thinking about getting a solid one, but thought well what's so special about it other than the cool interior lining but other than that no one outside looking at your bag would know it was cool why get a solid Tokidoki? I guess I just was curious what everyone thought about the solid toki bags.
  2. I have a couple of solid bags~~ They're nice if you work at a place that won't really appreciate your tokis as much as you do :p They're also good for special events... for instance, going out and looking nice. A notte or bianco would be a cute compliment to a nice outfit.

    [EDIT] I also use mine when I'm going someplace where I'm overly scared my tokis will get dirty. I can risk a solid print, but definitely not a print on the outside~~
  3. I don't own any solid colored toki bags, but I do own a Notte Denaro. I think it great! Black matches everything and it can be used with every toki print. I had the idea, that I would just sell off all my Denaro's on LJ and just keep one, so I could make extra $$ to buy more bags. Like always, I changed my mind. Oh well, I don't have every matching wallet. So I think I'm done with denaro...So to get back on TOPIC SOLIDS are a good way to match everything!
  4. I think solid bags are good for work. I can't bring myself to spend the same amount on a regular toki printed outside that is just solid on the outside. Ahhh, if it were cheaper, I'd consider it. Ahhh, but I do need one for work...
  5. I have a fumo bella. I haven't used it yet but I think I will be soon since fall is here now and I think it looks good with darker colored clothing. I also have a notte denaro which I like a lot since it goes with everything. I don't receive many compliments on my Toki bags but the other day I received a compliment on the notte denaro of all things. Lol! She said she liked the rainbow zipper.
  6. I have Notte and Arancia Bellas and an Arancia MM. I like the solids when I am wearing a print like plaid or a floral or when I am also using a patterned BV. I toyed with getting a Fumo Bella, but I don't use grey enough to justify the purchase. Fortunately I was able get all three of my solids at discounted prices.
  7. I go back and forth with solids. To date, I own 2: Orig Black Mamma and Arancia Bocce. They are good for more somber/formal occasions (well, maybe the black...the arancia is kind of loud:lol:), but, yeah, not as exciting as the prints.
  8. ^^ Like Diana_NYC said; solids are good for when you're wearing patterns. I have one solid toki (I have no non-toki bags, so not any other choices to carry) that I will use again when I finally wear my all-over print Latte hoodie. I recently got a few cute hoodies with prints, and I can't wear my printed bags with them..too much competing pattern.
  9. I own a black ciao ciao and bella that I bought back when the original print came out which I thought might be a little too loud and/or might not use in a few years. Black is basic and still looks really nice with the rainbow zipper and, in my case, green hardware.
  10. I love my Notte Denaro, and I just won a Notte Dolce on eBay for $30! I wish I had it a few weeks ago, as I realized I owned no suitable bags for my husband's grandma's viewing/funeral, and had to go to Ross and buy something in black.

    (Note: I'm 100% certain that Grandma would have absolutely LOVED it if I wore an Inferno bag to her funeral because she had an amazing sense of humor like that (and I know her spirit was there with us, watching), but I left that tidbit between me and her in my imagination, as I didn't think the rest of the family would "get it"). :s

  11. I don't see any point to the solid Toki's for myself. If I want a better / more appropriate bag, I'll wear a Coach or D&B... and I can still get a little Toki on the inside with a Caramella.
  12. I have a couple solids - I have an OP/Black and Bianco in dolce. THis is a perfect going out purse... it fits the essentials and when I have fancier clothes that I want to match I have the dark and the light color... :yes: plus like the others said it is good for florals or other prints that I might wear...

    I also have a fumo nuvola. I wanted an AS but they were sold out by the time I realized I wanted one.... so sad. I kind of wish this bag was a print..... maybe I'll get another one in trasporto if I can get them on sale later... :nuts:

    plus, I got all three on pretty good sale prices, so I don't feel bad about getting a toki solid... otherwise I don't think I would have gotten them!!
  13. I have a tokidoki Black Dolce, Fumo Dolce, Bianco Dolce, Bianco Bella and Fumo Bella. I love these bags. My mom kind of convinced me to buy the solid Dolce to use as evening bags when I dress up a bit. I don't use them as much as my other non-solid bags (which I wear to work and nobody minds). But still think they were worth getting especially since they have a pattern on the inside. ^_^
  14. I have a black campeggio that I bought used from eBay pretty cheap. The bag was well used when I received it but I still love that bag and use it quite frequently. For one thing it matches everything in my wardrobe and secondly since it is already broken in and used I don't worry one bit about stains. I can throw it in the back of my car, toss food inside, water or pop bottle, etc. Since I didn't pay much for it I won't really be sad if it gets stained or wet, etc. Since I tend to be overprotective about my print bags it is nice to have a throw around bag I don't have to worry about. With three kids that can be quite messy it is nice to not worry about my bag.
  15. I have a Fumo nuvola and a notte stellina I use on a regular basis. I like the notte because it goes with everything and I think the nuvola looks too busy with a print, but I like the shape.