Solid Silver Collier de Chien

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  1. In this month's Elle (with Kate Hudson on the cover) they have a picture of a solid silver collier de chien bracelet!!!! I believe it was priced at +$2,800!
    It's to DIE! :yahoo:
  2. Knowing H and their silver jewelry, I'm sure it's quite solid and heavy (which I rather like!). Are you going to get it?
  3. Hm, I wonder how much it weighs..? I saw the pic too, here somewhere..?
  4. pics pls!!!
  5. Here's the pic, from the 2009 press kit thread:
  6. I have this bracelet on order - it is supposed to be very light weight! :smile:
  7. Rana I can't wait to see your reveal!!
  8. the also have it in white or yellow gold with diamonds and i think i also remember one in rose gold with brown diamonds

    i agrre it is a fantabulous piece no matter the material
  9. Wow! When do you expect to receive your bracelet? I'm looking forward to see the pics. :tup:
  10. I have no idea when it will get here! Hopefully soon! :smile:
  11. Rose gold with brown diamonds - oh my! I would love to see one of these :cloud9:
  12. DANG! I can't believe how many people replied in the short time I went to the potty! lol.
    That's it! (see above)!!! It looks like it would be heavy! That scarf is to DIE for!
    But I'm still saving my pocket change for that H belt!!!!!!
  13. they have been doing alot of the rose gold brown diamonds lately in various styles but as i said i am not sure if the cdc comes in this combo or if i mix things up lol
  14. Gold and diamonds would be completely droolworthy!!
  15. Either way it would be gorgeous! It would make a fantastic special order if they do not normally make it :smile: