Solid perfume

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  1. Anyone use solid perfume? I'm thinking about getting one because I don't like the idea of carrying perfume and it spilling all over the inside of my purse.

    For those that use it:

    How do you apply it?
    Does the scent last as long as the spray perfume?
    How long does solid perfume last?
  2. I do! I have the Rose 4 Reines solid perfume from L'Occitane. It's super convenient. You just dab it on your wrist, behinds the ears and wherever else you want on your body. ;) I've had mine for awhile b/c I don't use it often and it's working fine. I don't really use spray perfume so I can't tell you if it lasts long or not.
  3. I typically wear perfume oils, but I have a couple solids I really like. Google the collection by Crazylibellule & The Poppies. There's a lot to choose from and you'll love the descriptions.
  4. I have loccitane's green tea solid perfume, I bought it to carry in my bag as I dont like carrying a bottle of perfume around. Its handy when u feel you need to dab a little something on. I find that they dont tend to be as strong as regular perfume but it does come in handy.
  5. I have a few from L'occitane, Pacifica, and Tokyo Milk. I like them bc they are easy to carry, but otherwise I'm not really in love with them. I don't think they last all too long--could just be on me though--and even when I just put it on I don't find the scent to be particularly noticeable.
  6. I only wear perfume on special occasions but I do like solids because they are easier to carry around, BUT the only thing that makes me object to them is that they kind of made me feel sort of greasy.
  7. I noticed the same thing when I tried on one from Estee Lauder. The scent could only be noticed if you put your nose directly on the spot where I rubbed the perfume. And it only lasted about 3 hrs.
  8. I only have one from Tokyo Milk and I'm disappointed that they don't last at all. I love the little pot though!
  9. ^^Agreed, Tokyo Milk has the cutest packaging (you have got to check out the lip balm pots if you haven't already done so) but sadly they dropped the ball with the solid perfume.
  10. i have several solids.. but i find it doesnt last as long as a spray perfume would.