Solid gold watch for everyday?

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  1. What do you think about gold watches for everyday use? Be honest! The one I'm eyeing doesn't have any bling and is otherwise very plain looking. Thanks!
  2. I think wearing gold watches everyday is great :smile:
  3. I think it's a good choice. Cartier has many that would be perfect for everyday. =)
  4. For everyday wear, I think a simpler, more elegant watch works best, if it's an expensive piece. Whether it's gold or not doesn't really matter. I also enjoy fun watches for everyday wear, but they're generally cheap watches such as Swatches.
  5. Gold is the best for your skin, most biocompatible. I used to have a stainless steel watch that surely wasn't "stainless", since it use to leave black ugly marks on my wrist after it gets wet, and it was from an okay brand, Gucci. So now only gold watches for me.
  6. I'm looking for one as well...what one are you thinking of getting?
  7. forever21, I happen to love gold watches. If I had the guts to ask (and if SO had the budget), I would have preferred a gold Cartier Tank. I happen to LOVE LOVE the all-gone Panthere (discontinued now, I think).

    Gold watches, when smaller and more lady-like rather than oversized, look very grown-up and elegant, IMO.
  8. I have a gold Cartier Tank and I love it for everyday. I switch between that and a stainless Concord.
  9. If you love, wear it! Everyday appropriate is a state of mind.
  10. I don't mind them at all. A gold watch is not my style, but they can look very nice if they are in the right design (like the classic style of the Tank).
  11. Hi Happysnoopy, did the problem of the black marks from the stainless steel watch come after a fairly long time of wear? I suspect it could be the dirt/grime (I know it sounds gross!) that got trapped in between the links of the watch. I had the same problem with a stainless steel watch and found that it was due to that problem. A little scrub with an old toothbrush in warm soapy water helps.
  12. I did try to clean it with cotton dipped in alcohol, it didn't seem to help, so i'm not sure what caused it, and it didn't look dirty in between the links. thanks for the tip though.
  13. i personally would not use a solid gold watch for everyday
  14. I would definitely wear a classic gold watch everyday.
  15. I think a gold watch is perfect for everyday.