Solid 18K white gold Diamond Movado or Ebel Beluga diamond mini watch??


Which watch do you prefer?

  1. Ebel Beluga Mini Diamond Watch

  2. Movado Solid 18K White Gold Diamond Watch

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  1. Which watch would buy....Diamond Movado or Ebel Beluga mini diamond watch? I am torn between the 2. I can get them both for around $2775 although the Movado's retail price is double the price of the Ebel since its solid 18k gold.

    Ebel Beluga Mini Diamond retails for $4775

    Movado solid 18K white gold diamond retails for $8995

    Which one do you prefer??
  2. Ebel watch
  3. Movado
  4. The one with the darkest dial is prettier, regardless of materials.
  5. imo, the white looks elegant, conservative and respectively for casual as well as dress-up wearing.
  6. Movado! It's GORGEOUS!
  7. The Movado is calling out to me more.
  8. I think the professional pic of the Ebel doesn't really do it justice.. .Help me decide ladies!! heres another pic of the Ebel... VOTE!! VOTE!!!
  9. Heres a another bigger pic of the Ebel but I would get the style without the roman numerals that this one has...
  10. I own both Movado and Ebel watches. IMO Movado is a bit overdone. I love Ebel. It's classy, understated and not quite as common. However, they are both absolutely gorgeous.:tup: