Soliciting cleaning advice for used CLs from eBay

  1. I recently purchased my first pair of used CLs from eBay. They are in pretty good condition (worn only once- according to the seller), but I can't help but wonder whether the former owner had any contagious foot diseases that may be spread through the shoes. Does anyone know whether this is common? How do you clean used shoes you buy from eBay?
  2. I have a confession. I don't clean them ... gross, right? I think there are sprays you can use.
  3. Maybe even Lysol ... just a regular disinfectant. I've been living in the Third World for way too long ...
  4. ^I think most ppl don't clean them. When you think about it, we try on shoes on display at dept stores- same shoes that have been tried on by many others. Most ppl don't think twice about trying on shoes that others have tried on. On the other hand, I just wanted to see what other ppl's experience has been like with used shoes. Maybe there is some kind of foot disease that I'm not aware of that spreads easily. Any podiatrists on tPF?
  5. My irrational concern is always athlete's foot. I think maybe a spray with lysol would do the trick (or maybe a wipe with a lysol sprayed rag) to kill germs.
  6. Use lysol wipes on the inside only (of I've sold many used shoes (not only CLs) and always wipe the inside with lysol before I send them out. Just make sure you squeeze out any extra 'juice' from the wipe, so it doesn't oversature the shoe or make it smell lysol-y, kwim. The wipe should feel barely damp.
  7. When I sell my shoes, I usually just wipe down the insole of the shoes as well as the heel area with a disinfectant wipe. I don't think that I've ever bought a used pair on eBay before!
  8. I'm like legaldiva - until you mentioned it I never thought about it, LOL!
  9. I am quite OCD with my CLs (...well, everything else too, but this topic is shoes). I even wipe my own shoes w/ those lysol disinfectant wipes. There are no shoes worn in the house, but there are roomies w/o their shoes also. Who knows what kinda 'stuff' I might pick up around the carpet or kitchen floor and transplant into my shoes to fester? So about once every 2 or 3 weeks, they get a wipe-down--inside and out.
  10. I have only bought used shoes once and they were a pair of CLs from a regular TPFer so I didn't even think twice. Like you said, we try on shoes in the store that are tried on by others.

    I sell mostly new shoes, but sometimes used ones and I always wipe them w/ antibacterial wipes. I do it to actually clean the shoe not b/c of any germs. LOL
  11. maybe baby wipes?
  12. i have received shoes from ebay that have looked less than brand new. i normally just use a waterproofer spray, use wipes, then reapply the waterproofer. i don't know if that gets rid of any funky diseases but i try not to think about it and just hope for the best. ;)
  13. I use babywipes. Mostly because I have them on hand (my cute-as-a-button baby niece!!) and they're ultra gentle while disinfection. They're alcohol-free and don't smell. :smile: