Solicited via eBay to buy Kooba

  1. Well, here's a new one on me-

    Just received a message from an ebayer (1 year, 7 feedback) who contacted me via one of my bag listings to tell me the following:

    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]I actually am looking to sell a Brand new Kooba Nicole bag in rose. Got it at a sample sale for 350 and will sell at that price. In manhattan. Pls let me know if interested."

    That's the entirety of the message. Anyone else get one of these?
  2. Huh. That's one I haven't heard before. So... you gonna buy? :roflmfao:
  3. LOL!!!
  4. what was the seller ID??

  5. That's crazy!!!
  6. The seller id is: ibtesam.
  7. I've never come across that sales technique before. They could get themselves into trouble with eBay if they're not careful. I wouldn't take that sort of a risk if I were them.
  8. Exactly, mini!
  9. Are you going to turn them in?
  10. That person contacted me too! I told them to list it.
    And now it is listed
  11. They don't ship?!?
  12. And the no shipping is a new one to me..why on earth can't she send it, even if it's only to the US..?

    She's taking a huge risk emailing you about trading outside eBay, KoobaMe, one person did that to me once, to find out whether I would keep the shoes I had bought (wanted them for his girlfriend, or so he said..) Next thing I know, he's a got himself kicked off altogether..
  13. Don't buy this one. No Shipping?!? It always creeps me out when a complete stranger wants to meet in person to exchange money for the item. Ewww, STAY AWAY!
  14. I did the same as you and what maggie7 stated re: risk and told them they could be reported, etc. Funny on the no shipping. What were they going to do if Haute or I bought it? That requires shipping. Just odd all the way around. Is it any wonder that many sellers, my self included, now require those with less than a certain amount of established positive feedback e-mail them first?
  15. I would definitely stay away- I would not pay for something outside of an actual auction it's too risky!