SOLIA straightener?

  1. Does anyone have a Solia hairstraightener? What do you think of it?
  2. I have a pink LE solia that i purchased about 2 years ago. i love it. its very light weight and it works great. it doesnt dry out my hair.

    My BF's Sister and her daughter used my Solia once when they came over and they liked it much better than theres (they bought theres at a stand the mall)
  3. I have a 1" pink Solia and I love it. It heats up in seconds and it makes my hair super smooth. I actually like my Solia iron better than the Chi, it doesn't get enough recognition!
  4. So it is comparable to the chi?
  5. I ordered one and it's supposed to be here Wed. I'll tell you how it works out.
  6. I ordered the Tourmaline 1" from a few yrs ago. It still works great. It leaves your hair looking silky and shiney.
  7. Yes, I actually think it is better.
  8. YAY! I ordered the Solia today after comparing it to the Chi and the one Sephora carries that is really expensive. The reviews for Solia were better than for Chi, mostly based on breakage and the Chi pulling people's hair. I even got a free carrying case that is also a pad to rest the Solia on so it doesn't burn the counter surface.
  9. I heard the Chi is really bad and really fries out hair.

    I had a Solia and used it for a few months before I bought my Sedu flat iron which I use now. The Solia was great, but the Sedu snagged less and the design is more sleek. I also noticed less damage with my Sedu (vs. the Solia).

    I just ordered the GHD, which I heard is supposedly the best, but we shall see.

    If you want to read a ton of reviews on flat irons like the Solia, Sedu, GHD, Chi, check out
  10. I recently bought a Solia straightener... and I absolute LOVE IT. I had a Chi iron for about 2 years that broke.. and honestly I'm glad it did because I think the Solia is much better!! It doesn't break your hair as much as the Chi and in my opinion it straightens faster... :tup: