Solia Pink Limited Edition 1" Flat Iron

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    Has anyone ever used a Solia flat iron? I'm in need of a new flat iron since mine died on me. And I've been looking at the T3 and Chi.. but I happen to come across this cute pink one. And I'm wondering has anyone ever had experience with a Solia? or even use this pink one? I'm really picky with my flat irons, since the many I've had, all broken on me with in a year, or not even a year. =( TIA!
  2. yes, i've used solia and i have burnt out completely bleached hair that would probably die and fall off if i used another kind. its so gentle, keep it at 370 degrees and you're gold. the smaller sizes, like the 1 inch are perfect for curling you're hair, but i use the larger one. its a good price too, cuase i heard the t3 is like 200 or something. def worth a try. its really really good, it won't wreck or burn your hair:wlae:
  3. oh, i meant to say it was burnt and destroyed before i started using this one, i chopped off my ends and then used this one.
  4. Sorry, I've never used a Solia, but I too have the Chi in LE pink. The pink color makes it so fun!