Soles worn after first wear.

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  1. I took my new Decolletes out for a spin last night and was so disappointed to find the red sole had worn down to white in lots of places. I wasn't expecting this to happen after wearing them only once. Has this happened to everyone else - I mean, after the very first wear?
  2. Happens to every pair. The red is a lacquer painted on (I believe), so it wears down quickly. If it bothers you, you can have your cobbler put on a red sole.
  3. Will probably wait a while to get them soled but was just wondering if it was normal for them to wear down as quickly as that - was a bit surprised. I'll just have to learn to live with it - they can't stay new forever!
  4. Yes, I think it's normal. I've only worn my VP's inside the house and they already show signs of wear.
  5. Normal. How much wear you wind up with depends on the surfaces you're wearing the shoes on -- I have pairs I've worn half a dozen times that barely show any wear at all, because I've only worn them to the office (and was just outside to get to and from my car), and then I have a pair that I've only worn twice that was torn up like crazy the very first time I wore it, because I took a long walk over rough pavement. Other pairs fall somewhere in-between.
  6. Very normal. It's paint.
  7. It depends on the kind of surface you walk on, how long you're walking on it, and how hard you are on your shoes. I haven't done any major walking in any of my CL's... for now, they are mostly car-restaurant-car or purely indoor shoes, and the red is still intact on all my CL's.
  8. Very normal. The only way to prevent this is to never walk or wear your CLs on any surface that is not carpeted. :true:
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    Yep normal. And rather shocking the first time you wear a new pair, but alas normal. Get the vibrams put on by a cobbler if it bothers you or just wear them and don't worry about the sole. Bits of my first pair even chipped off.

    I vibram pairs I particularly want to stay nice looking or for added grip but you just have to get used to it as there is no point in "babying" them and only wearing indoors - sorry rilo have just edited this as read your post - I wasn't aiming that at you, I also have considered keeping them as indoor shoes but now I have managed to ruin a few I like wearing them out, though still get sad and check the bottoms whenever I stop.

    It took me 3 months to "ruin" my first pair, before that I wore uggs to parties and changed into my CL's on the doorstep LOL
  10. Yeah, alas, too true. You can have red vibram soled on the shoe - a good idea if you're going to be walking on damp ground. I think I'm finally used to the idea that the red will come off - the first time was traumatizing! :P
  11. Thanks ladies. Glad I'm not the only one who is so upset about it!
  12. Yes, the red soles get worn down after your first wear. Street and wet surfaces are the worst.
  13. yeah, this is super super normal. its especially true if you have a heavy step. i usually dont see any white until the 2nd or 3rd wear since I dont step that heavy. My mom has a super heavy step though and she just tears through the red after the first few steps it seems hahaha.
  14. Ah yeah, it's fine, don't worry about the wear. Once you've, ummm, deflowered the shoes you feel a lot braver walking in them. I love it when you see proper wear on celebs' shoes; you can see them actually getting good use of out of their fabulous shoes. Mischa Barton wears her Mad Marys everywhere for instance.