Soles coming off CL, AGAIN?!

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  1. I posted this awhile back:

    I got my shoes back last week. They looked great. I've worn them about three times since, right now is my 3rd time and I'm at work. I'm sitting here and decided to look at the bottom of my soles to see how they held up and what do you know--the soles are loose again! Not as bad as the pictures in my first post...but they are lifted off of the espidrille. They aren't bothering me physically, but when I think of how much I paid for these shoes for them to just fall apart, twice, within a month, I'm :cursing:. I can deal with the way they are right now, but I don't want them to get any worse. Should I bring them back AGAIN to Neimans? I feel like I won't have the shoes for another 2 weeks, and then it'll happen again. ALSO, when I went to neimans 2 weeks later, I was passed the 10 day price adjustment period--they were on sale for half off! If I get a new pair I'll basicallly feel like I'm getting ripped off. What should I do now? Uggggh. Help!
  2. Ask for your money back! I can't see how those leather soles stay on as the rope part is very flexible compared to the amount the leather sole will flex so it'll always be pulling against it
  3. Oh plus the leather sole isn't an integral part of the shoes, more of an addition to it
  4. I think thats what I'm going to do. It hasn't been 30 days yet but I dont know about their return policy with worn shoes.
    Problem is--I LOVE the look of the shoes! :sad:
  5. Some shoes are wonderful in theory but just aren't up to the job. If the shoes are not fit for purpose then they are duty bound to refund you.

    I had a similar issue with a pair of Lanvin ballet pumps. The soles are painfully thin and my black pair had the sole peeling off. I took them to Matches who offered to resole them which I agreed to, when they came back the shoe repairer had destroyed them! They had a disgusting thick beige rubber sole instead of a thin black one. I refused to accept them and they refunded me in full
  6. Oh wow. When Neimans fixed them they looked as good as new. While I was out tonight I called Neimans and spoke to my SA & told him what happened. He said to bring them in tomorrow & I can either get a new pair or get my $$ back. I just hope the manager doesn't give me a problem, but I still have all of my paper work from the first time (not even one week since I've had them back!)