Sold :(

  1. Hi has anyone had a bag on hold only to call and have it sent and they tell you it's missing and someone must have taken it out of their hold bin I am so upset what should I do Thanks :sad:
  2. that sucks, so sorry...
  3. I am beyond mad
  4. i would just ask your sa to find you another one.
  5. She gave me the run around oh I will look after my vaction i think she might have sold it to someone else I am so disappointed :push::sad::sad:
  6. OMG !! That is really nasty, how evil. No, I have never had that happen...but have heard about it from my SAs and that they have to tell the other SAs over and over "do not dare touch this or that bag, etc., etc"....I have often worried about a bag being snaked, but so far I have been lucky, my SAs must warn the others with the fear of death.:death::p

    Certainly hope you find a replacement bag...good luck.
  7. That's horrible!!! I'm thinking either your SA sold it to someone else that had the money on the spot, or like Purfect said, another SA snatched it and sold it to someone else.

    Sorry to hear about that. I would be very upset as well!
  8. How frustrating! I'm sorry, and I hope she can find you a new one!
  9. oh so sorry to hear that.... hope your SA gets you a replacement bag..if not get another SA...good luck..
  10. ask your SA to find you another 1!
  11. what were you getting?
    demand that she find you a replacement if it was a mistake she will do her best to get u another one.. if not, it's probably time to find another SA!
  12. I'd find another SA right away. If I was the SA, I'd feel bad enough to at least call to locate another one for you before I went anywhere.
  13. I would ask them to find you another one and ask for a discount for the trouble they caused you. That's awful!!! I'm sorry.
  14. That has happened to me, but at the Dior counter. I put a purse on hold at 1:30 pm (on my lunch break), went back at 4:00 after work to buy it, and the SA told me that another SA sold it even though I had it on hold with my name and phone number attached to the bag. I will never respect the SA's at Dior again.
  15. That has never happened to me and I would immed find a new SA(there are great recommendations at tPF) and get ur bag! You should not have been treated like that!