Sold to someone with unconfirmed address

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to selling. I sold one bag so far that went through smoothly. I sold another one to a buyer that has an unconfirmed address. I've already shipped the bag! Am I in trouble? I don't really know what it means when someone's address is unconfirmed, but I noticed a lot sellers state that they don't ship to unconfirmed addresses on their auctions. Can someone tell me what the risks are? She paid via Paypal and the transaction completed. Should I worry? Any advice would be great! Thanks so much!
  2. You should be OK. When you sent it, did you send it with delivery confirmation or signature confirmation?
  3. how much was it for?
  4. There's no PayPal Seller Protection on unconfirmed addresses. Hopefully everything will go well. Good Luck.
  5. I thought to be confirmed you need to give eBay your bank account information. This would scare me if I was not selling and just buying. I don't see why eBay needs bank account info. on people who do not sell. I think from previous feedback and time on eBay people can get a idea if things are OK.
  6. My last two bag sales have been to unconfirmed addresses, both buyers were VERY good at communicating though, the first one we couldn't figure out why she wasn't confirmed considering it was her paypal credit address! Things went smoothly, i took extra precaution and got a return receipt so i'd have multiple ways to prove who received it.
  7. I also thought that your address is confirmed if you add your bank account info, but I removed mine after not using for a while, and because I started getting these fake Paypal emails that I got scared someone was trying to hack into my account, so I removed it. But when I started using it again, I only added my cc just in case. But my address is confirmed, so I'm not sure what unconfirmed is. The bag was only $76. The buyer seemed very interested in the bag. She paid right away and transaction (according to my Paypal acct) went through. I'm still worried though. I didn't send it w/ delivery confirmation. I do have tracking info. Would that help?

    Where are my manners? Thank you everyone for all the input and advice!
  8. I never understood the unconfirmed address deal either. I have paypal linked to a cc and I don't want to give them my bank information. I only buy and do not sell.

    Also I have received fake Ebay and Paypal emails but those are phishing scams so I report them.

    Still I have perfect feedback and make sure to pay promptly and communicate in a timely fashion so the seller will not have any doubts.