Sold something that you now regret???

  1. I have several LE items and honestly but sad to say I don't use them because I am afraid to put any flaws in them. I take them out every now and then to admire. I am debating whether or not to sell them.

    I have the entire brown/brown Cherry Blossom accessory set, Panda long zip wallet, Cerises Pochette & Speedy. I know that some of these items are very hard to come by these days. When I calculate it, it is quite a bit of money sitting in my closet. Would you sell something you love but dont' use and put the money elses where or keep it? I do have a 1 year old daughter, do I keep them for her?

    What would you do in my shoes?
  2. WOW...

    Those are some fantastic collector's items....

    I guess it all depends on how much you are willing to part with it, whether you need the $$ for other things, and whether you will miss it in the future...
    Since you have posted the Q, it seems you no longer feel the LVOE for them, so maybe you should sell the ones you really won't miss....

    good luck deciding, it's a tough decision !!!

    p.s. in answer to your post Q, I do regret selling a Mono Randonnee PM, and my Cabas Alto....I miss them both !!!!!!
  3. if it were me, I would sell some of the items I never used to buy things I would use more often.
  4. I would sell bags that I dont use. Its too much to spend for a bag that doesnt see the light of day. LE or not, bags are to be used and not kept.
  5. I would keep them all.
  6. I had the graffiti speedy in khaki, cherry blossom retro in brown/pink, cherry blossom papillon in pink, cherry blossom pochette in red/cream, panda vavin, and cerises speedy.....sold them all!! The only one I miss is the graffiti speedy. My style outgrew the other ones. I don't miss them at all.
  7. it sounds you have such a nice collection... i would keep all of them!!
  8. ITA!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  9. Using all my LV regularly is the way I fully enjoy them. So I prolly wouldn't keep any I don't carry. But, since you said you love your LE's, you should keep them. I think taking them out & admiring them occasionally is just a different way to enjoy your LV. Lots of people collect expensive things that are just for looking at anyway. As long as you get full enjoyment out of it, I think it's perfectly fine to have some LV's just for your viewing pleasure and some for your daily use. :smile:
  10. I have used all of my bags. My cb retro still looks brand new because I don't use it much... If you aren't going to use them ever then sell them.

    I totally missed my white mc speedy, so I bought another one to replace it in the same color combo. I also miss my brown cb papillon. I have the pink too, so I decided to sell the brown. I wish I hadn't!
  11. I miss my Manhattan PM, it was my first LV, I bought it new from the boutique & sold it. It was a classy bag, I miss her!
  12. hmm...I think I would see the bags I don't use. Honestly, even if they are LE, there's no point in leaving them in the closet...they're meant to be used! Get something else you'll get more use out of, something you won't be afraid to use.

    I sold a BV and regretted it for like 2 days, but after that I didn't care.
  13. I would sell what I didn't use at all.....I love to show off my bags! If there are 1 or 2 special pieces you don't want to part with, just keep those!!!
  14. i had a discontinued sac flanierie in super mint condition and sold it. i regret it a lot. it was a fantastic bag.

  15. Depending on your financial situation, if you need the funds then sell it if you are not using them. But if you like/love them and even have a remote chance you might miss them or regret selling them ... then hang on them a little while longer.