Sold something, buyer says has to re-register account? pls help!!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Need your help again!

    This is what the high bidder wrote:

    Yes i did receive the note. I have not been on ebay for some
    months so the paypal is having me re register the bank account
    info which should be rectified soon. I am a buyer and a seller so
    do not worry this sale is legit, i just have to have them re process
    the information and i will send out a payment immediately. you
    can email me directly at xxxxxxx

    what do u gals think?

    does this sound legit??

    thanks so much!! :P
  2. ...Well it only takes like 2 minutes to get your bank account verified on PayPal these days, so I don't see what her issue is. I mean, I only use PayPal maybe twice a year so I don't see what the issue is. I've never had to "re-register" my bank account...

    Unless maybe she has a new bank account, but even then its literally a two minute process if you give them your online bank login. I don't know, this seems sketchy, maybe she's just buying time so that she can go find an account to hack!
  3. Sounds a little fishy. I'd 1st check the ebay feedback to confirm her statements but in the end, if she pays and uses a confirmed address you should be OK. I'd use every precaution including Signature Delivery to be sure.
  4. thanks for the responses girls!!

    I felt a bit worried coz I saw that all of the items she bought except for the old ones that don't show details, are very low ticket items!!
  5. It could be possible. If she hasn't used paypal in awhile, maybe she has a new bank account and hasn't linked the new bank account to paypal yet and depending on the bank, verifying a new bank account with paypal could take up to a few days because, paypal has to deposit a small amount into the bank account then, you have to verify it by typing in the exact amount that paypal deposited and only the bank account holder would know this info. Some banks this small deposit from paypal goes through fast and some take a little time.

    If I were in your situation, I would just send a message to the buyer and let them know ( In a polite way ) that I would need the payment within the 7 days that ebay allows or, you will have to relist the item.
  6. You could CALL PP, advise them as to the transaction and what buyer is telling you... maybe they can verify for you. AND, if they see the situation as scam-in-progess, maybe they can do something about it. I'd call them TBH.
  7. thanks everyone

    I think I'm going to call PP - btw, I wonder if it's fishy since she asked me to email her directly at her email instead of via ebay

    does anyone know if it's against the rules for me to ask her to pay via google ?
  8. I would tell her that you would rather keep communication with her on Ebay. If you keep it on ebay, it will be more helpful for you IF something goes wrong with the transaction.

    I think it is against the rules to ASK her to pay any other way but, paypal but, if she offers to pay that way then, you CAN accept it.
    Maybe you can just discretely bring up Google to her. Maybe just ask her if she has ever paid via Google or something like that and see if she offers to pay that way.

  9. ^ yeah good idea - this buyer is quite unresponsive though - takes a while to reply ..

    I dunno why, I just have this fishy feeling since based on her feedback, the stuff she bought are really low priced items...everything below $100.00..
  10. UPDATE!!

    this person said she JUST replied and said she just got laid off at work and :

    I regret to now inform you that i am unable to go through with
    this purchase as I received my pink slip at work this morning at
    10:30am. At this point I am not in a position to purchase such a
    fine piece of jewelry. I do apologize for pulling out of this deal
    for as an ebay seller i know it is unprofessional. Again, i do
    apologize but i will not be purchasing this item from you.

    should I file a non-paying strike against her? can I?
  11. Likely story. I had the same BS line last week. Filed the non-paying bidder and gave her a strike (not the same buyer).

    File for the onon-paying bidder when you are eligible and then, if she is a good ebayer, she will respond. Then give the strike, get your credit and re-list.

    (yes, we get jaded after a while)
  12. ^ hahah yeah, I was not even happy when I saw the bid esp with her re-register account issue, feedback quality issues.. LOL

    I'm kinda 'happy' - maybe I shld just keep them haha.. - yeah I guess I will file after 7 days..phew but still better than a full blown scammer I suppose.. LOL