Sold same exact item for $400 less a couple of months ago


May 13, 2007
Its sad when I see other sellers that are able to sell the exact item for more than myself. I sold a Chanel bag earlier this year for way less than I paid. I was only able to recoup $400 of the $800 I spent. I've watched two auctions that have recently ended and they ended extremely high, way over $800!! It may be the demand is higher now, but its disappointing. I have good feedback and have been an ebayer since 2006. Oh well, just had to rant. Thanks!
Apr 15, 2009
Sometimes it is just the "luck of the draw". Sometimes you just luck into two buyers who are REALLY motivated to win. I once watched a sweater sell for $100 + dollars -- I was interested because I had the IDENTICAL sweater. So I listed it a few weeks later and got $21. My pics were better, my listing was better. Didn't matter -- no one was really motivated to win.

For me right now, ebay sales are lousy. Am about to try Bonanzle and see what happens there.


Dec 22, 2008
i know how you feel, i had a scarf i only listed because i saw the same one sell for over $100 i put beter pics, beter postage everything and it sold for $11, it sucks but at the same time i have also got some great bargans on ebay so it works both ways
Aug 27, 2006
I do believe with all of the features where nobody can tell who is bidding on what anymore that there has got to be a boatload of shill bidding going on. Nobody can tell me it's not happening with a number of the Resellers out there!!!!!It's not an even playing field.


Nov 27, 2009
Ha, was just thinking of that the other day. I saw these two auctions one seller had and I was almost certain there was shill bidding going on.

You can kind of tell who bids on what by matching their feedback score to the letters shown. And it looked like the seller had a friend or another account boost bidding on their items as both items had similar bids at similar times from the same person and was not the winner.

That's another reason to wait until like the last 10 seconds of an auction to bid your highest amount, doesn't give people a chance to boost really and you pay what you expected to.

To the OP, it sucks but it happens, but at the same time, you can find incredible deals as people sell their stuff just like you did, and you come across items people are just wanting to get rid of and get them for very cheap.