sold purse on ebay, buyer wanted to return, I said no, she sent it back anyway!!!

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  1. I sold a Coach purse on ebay.

    13 days after the listing ended and 7 days after she received it, she emails me telling me the bag is too small and she wants to return it

    I write her back saying that the dimensions are clearly stated in the listing (and the dimensions are correct) and that I do not accept returns for buyers remorse

    Well, mail shows up Friday and she returned the bag anyway! No note, no nothing, the bag does not look used, tags are on it, etc.

    So what do I do now? She hasn't emailed me, hasn't opened a paypal dispute (she only has 3 feedbacks).

    I'm stumped. I don't want to spend the money to send the back back to her, but I don't want to refund her money either because I flat out told her that I would not accept the refund. I don't want to email her because part of me wants her to sweat it.

    I spoke with ebay on livechat and they said that since I had the dimensions in the listing I should be protected. We'll see....I guess I'm in the best position because I have the bag and the money. I'm just stumped, what's wrong with people?

    What should I do? :cursing:
  2. Did you open the box? You could refuse it.

    But it is probably easier to refund - everything but shipping, neg, and file for your fees. You could do a mutually decided not to complete transaction & tell bidder that she has to agree to it before you refund. If not, deduct the fees (make sure you do not refund shipping) and refund her.

    Otherwise, refuse the package and make her work for it.
  3. I did open the box, and she used the same one and taped it up so I think that they wouldn't have let me refuse it anyway


    ya think I could just refund her the price of the bag less my listing fees and fv fees? I can't believe she didn't even put a note in the box or open a dispute in paypal or anything

    Think I could just wait to see if she contacts me?
  4. I wouldn't refund her money. You did nothing wrong. I would wait to hear from her and then when she contacts you ask her to send money to cover shipping charges so you can send back her bag.
  5. Sounds like you would win if a dispute was opened, but it may just be easier to do the refund. As long as you received the same bag back in the same condition as was sent. Be sure to do just a partial refund, subtracting shipping and ebay fees. Good luck!
  6. I would be livid if this happened to me. There's no reason she couldn't size the bag with the dimensions you noted in the listing. Had she submitted your feedback before return? If so, I would write her a quick note reminding her she entered into a legally binding contract when she decided to purchase the bag.

    If all else fails file the "mutually agreed" forms and refund her money less insertion fee and shipping as others suggest. I hope this matter is resolved to your liking.
  7. I would refund her the money minus 20% restocking fee and shipping. Not because she is right, only because I have a thing for karma and what's "good" in the bigger picture.
  8. No way! Let things stand the way they are and do nothing. If she doesn't file a claim, so be it. The dimensions were stated, it was a case of buyer's remorse, you state no returns. End of story.
    If she files a claim, it appears Paypal is going rule in your favor and either she can have the bag back, as long as she sends the money to re-ship or she can be out of the bag and the money. Her choice.
    It was her decision to send the bag back (on her own accord) and that's that.
  9. I would just refund her and forget it.

    Think of it from her side, Yes she should have read the description properly and maybe got her tape measure out and checked first but at the end of the day she has sent the item back to you. It would be unfair of you to keep both the bag and the money but also, if you send the bag back to her you will have to pay for postage again.

    Just refund her money - it'll be easier.
  10. What if she had filed a snad claim and even though it was false and unjust paypal sided with the buyer (weirder stuff has happened) She now has the bag and the money wouldn't you want her to return the bag even though she doesn't have to. This isn't even a big battle you should be worrying about.
  11. I would just refund her - I know you have done nothing wrong but it is just not worth the hassle IMO
  12. OH LORD!

    This just got weirder. I looked in my transactions (I sold three of these same purses) and the person who originally contacted me wanting to send it back isn't the buyer who sent it back!

    The one who sent it back already left me pos fb saying "Awesome seller and fast shipping".

  13. I think I'm going to send her an email saying

    "What is going on? Why did you send this bag back? You never said anything, I have spent three days trying to figure out what this is, I sell tons of bags and have never had anyone leave positive feedback and then send the bag back with no email, no note in the box, nothing. Please explain."

    It was sold on May 9, fb left May 16.

    I'm so confused.

    What do ya'll think? Should I send her that email?
  14. Goodness me! How strange! How come the "happy" buyer left you good fb and then sent the bag back without a word?? :wtf: That is weird! :wacko:

    Are you going to contact her?

    Edit: Sorry I posted while you wre writing your last post......let us know what she says ;)
  15. lols this is a page turner. I can't wait to hear more. Good luck Court!
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