Sold out?

  1. I read somewhere that the coach Legacy Suede Mandy Courier is sold out/rare? Is that true?

    I found one at a coach outlet for $447.00 versus the original $798.00...

    This is the one I'm talking about:

    I have until sunday to pick it up...I have it on hold at the coach outlet store.

    Help please?

    Love Linzi
  2. the one that is made specifically for the stores is rare and it is NOT sold out as there are a few that are going to selected outlets.

    they would NOT be in any coach full price store as it is "deleted" and should be transferred to an outlet store.

    if any other ones do go into the outlet store they, regardless of the number, would be ones produced STRICTLY for factory and the material may be different.

    i say this because i was at the vegas outlet (one and a half hour of wait?! to get INTO the store?!) and there was a legacy pocket shoulder bag that was 798 and marked down to about that price, 477..with additional 20% off.

    but i know in my heart that that is NOT the same bag that was in my store when the legacy pocket tote first came out. the material was just different, but the shocking thing was that the number didn't have a F in the storyboard like the other factory bags.
  3. So is it worth it? It was marked down to $559.00 with an additional 20% bringing it to $447.00. It was at a coach outlet store, and I dont know much about coach purses...

    Love Linzi
  4. I like it.
  5. I think that's gorgeous!
  6. i saw the same bag at the outlets in calif today and i agree w/ ms whitney...the material is different than the boutique bag....but others may not even notice it...i'm very picky about my bags...but that just me
    the price is definitely good