Sold out...really?

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  1. That's funny! I've seen other eBay ads for different bags I've seen at the outlet that say are sold out everywhere. I hope people don't actually believe it all the time!
  2. My outlet still had them on Tuesday.
  3. :rolleyes: Ridiculous.
  4. Maybe they are talking about sold out at the FP store? Since the outlets are kind of spread out in certain areas there's a chance that some folks aren't as informed as we are?
  5. Well, for some people without outlet access it IS sold out.

    Now, the good news is, the seller isn't asking an insane price...however, their "ad" is wrong--saying it is "pink tartan" when it's really red.

    But no, I don't think the listing in nuts...because really, when we're talking outlet stock, that's incredibly wishy-washy
  6. They could mean sold out online at Coach too, right?? :smile:
  7. Yes, thank you for posting this. I don't have access to an outlet, either, so for me, this item IS sold out, unless I can find it at a department store when I go out-of-state once a month.
  8. ^^I do have outlet access...however, although it's considered "flagship" it's really, very popular and hit or miss. A bag could come and go in a matter of minutes...sometimes it's less a question of whether you's about whether you can.