Sold out Lipstick?

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  1. I bought the lipstick in rose last week, but my store had to order it for me because they were out.

    And today I was looking online and I noticed that they only have the rose available.

    Is this it for the lipstick or will they be making more?

    Does anyone know? TIA.
  2. wow...that's surprising..i would doubt that the short lipstick run would be it...kind of depressing. I was going to get some after my ban :sad:
  3. Well it would really suck if they stop making a color. Since most woman only find one color they fall in love with. And having to try on another kind would really suck.
  4. I know! I really like the rose!

    I should probably order another one before they are gone, and this makes me want to order the lipgloss before thats gone but I want to see it in person at the stores first.:shrugs:
  5. my stores didn't have them in yet, I ordered two Glosses and love them.
  6. I read on here that stores will have them in by the end of the month. I dont know if thats all stores though. I know around me one store has the lipstick display and another store doesnt.

    But the store that doesnt have the lip stick did tell me that they *may* be getting the lip gloss. <sigh> This is all so confusing.
  7. My local store told me they were expecting a lot of the glosses on Feb 27/28. But, she also said a few may come in with the Feb 15/16 shipment. I will have to wait and see.