Sold out everywhere!!

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  1. So I finally got my money set to buy a new Speedy 30 in Azur, I'm falling more in love with them each day, so I was all pumped to go buy it after work... then that time comes, I go to the Louis Vuitton store at a local mall and there all sold out!! :wtf: I was shocked, so the salesman told me he would try the Saks store in the mall.. they didn't have it.. he called another mall, didn't have it so he said he would just let me know. So the next day, I was getting very impatient so i decided to call some more LV store and called all of the ones in New York and there ALL SOLD OUT!! So my last resort was getting it online... I go on the LV website and its SOLD OUT THERE TOO!! So that kind of explained why there weren't any. Has this ever happened to anyone? I was soo surprised that I COULD NOT find one single store that had it! I want it so bad, so now I'll just have to wait longerrr.. grrr :tdown:
  2. wow that is shocking! Give it a couple days and some more may pop up
  3. ^^^ ITA. I don't think you'll have to wait very long for them to restock this item.
  4. Did you try Or do you prefer to see and hold the bag you're looking for?
  5. Yes I tried their website and their sold out too lol I already know how to bag is cause i have a speedy 30 in monogram so ordering it online wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't sold out... haha
  6. I've been watching this bag online at and they've been out of stock for approximately two weeks now. But I am sure it will be available very soon.
  7. I'd call around in california... SF union square.. Or hollywood.. They have a lot of items in store that's not online anymore..
  8. give it a few days, then try again! when you finally get it, its gonna be sooo worth the wait! :yes:
  9. I am sorry to hear that. I don't know how you feel about preloved, but there are a ton on the bay. Good luck in finding one. I know what it is like to wait for a bag, and it is no fun.
  10. I know it stinks to wait but I am sure one will pop up soon!!
  11. My SA told me that they are running a little low on everything because of both Valentine's day and Chinese New Year. I am sure you can find one next week, though!
  12. Since the Speedy is a classic bag, I am sure a new batch will be made and sent to the stores soon. Why not let your s.a. know you are looking for one and they should call you when the next shipment arrives?
  13. Two weeks ago I was at the LV boutique at Roseville Galleria in Roseville Ca. and they had them. Last November when I wanted a damier ebony speedy, they were sold out them. So the store manager did a charge hold and located one in Vegas I think and had I for me about a week later. When you do a charge hold, you will get the item before those on a wait list. A charge hold is giving them your credit card and they make the impression of it so they can charge it as soon as the item is found. In my case the money was charged to the store that actually had the bag in stock. So it is worth it to go that route.
  14. Did you try the store in Atlantic City?
  15. when something is sold out, it generally takes a week or less to get it in. when the azur NF came out on the 1st, i went in on the 3rd and they were sold out too, but i got a call on the 5th...when they weren't expecting it until the 7th. be patient. everyone is gearing up for spring- they will be back soon