Sold my first item on bonanzle!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just sold my first purse on bonanzle today! I've only ever sold and shipped books before so I want to make sure I do everything correctly before I head to the post office.

    The purse sold for $150. Delivery confirmation is not the same as insurance, correct? I will have to purchase both, if I'm reading correctly.

    When I buy purses, they usually come to me in the large bubble wrap. Do I buy that at the post office? Or will I need to go to Wal-Mart first?

    thanks for helping a newbie seller!
  2. KongRatZ on your sale, runner :tup:
    You don't always need bubble wrap to pack a purse; it depends on the purse and the box you use. The USPS has free boxes, but I don't think it sells bubble wrap. I buy new boxes and supplies at a Box Store that specializes on all that stuff. Wal-Mart sells boxes (limited sizes), but I don't know about the bubble wrap.

    Check out the Bonanzle thread for more info:
  3. Staples or office depot sells alot of different sizes and they definately have bubble wrap. Those types of stores sell them with a hefty price tag compared to places like the box store where that is their specialty. I would go to a box store or other moving supplies store because you can get enough for this sale and the next for a fraction of the price of buying at USPS.
  4. Congrats! I would switch to Bonanzle completely if I had some iota of success with them. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Thanks! So to clarify, none of you guys use bubble wrap to pack your purses? How exactly to you pack them then?
  6. I do not use bubble wrap. I put the bag in its dustbag and then in a box with packing material.
  7. some sellers use bubble wrap, esp when the item/bag is of a high-end brand name.

    lately, sellers also wrap the bag (bag is in its dist bag too) with a clear plastic bag 'coz there are some areas/places that's experiencing rain/snow-- just to protect the bag 'coz the box might get wet when the postal carrier drops off the box at the recepient's.
  8. i always use bubble wrap when shipping, but i steal it from my husband. He orders bubble wrap, peanuts, and boxes from Uline.
  9. I would just suggest, delivery confirmation, insurance, and sending the bag inside the dustbag inside a plastic bag (because of snow and rain issues).

  10. That's exactly what I did! haha. I hope this transaction goes well. *crosses fingers